this is a very cute decoration and very easy too

Step 1: What Do We Need

2 Or more color paper
2 Circle things to trace with(One big one small)
Scissors glue

Step 2: Building the Body

Cut 2 Circles on big and one small fold them in half
Glue the big one like a upside down semi circle and the glue the pink one on top that one.Open the flaps a little so they look like wings

Step 3: Beak and Tail

For the beak make a small triangle and fold it in half and for the tail cut a rectangle out it should me of the size shown above.Fold the rectangle in half and do the same as I did in the picture,Stick that on the back.For the beak fold the triangle and stick it on the front

Step 4: Add Details

with the Sharpie add details like eyes and stuff and you are done

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