Picture of Cute Bracelet
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Step 1: Tools And Supplies

Picture of Tools And Supplies
2 different kinds of string/cords 1 button Clipboard Scissors Lighter

Step 2: Starting Out

Picture of Starting Out
13, 7:39 PM.jpg
13, 7:39 PM.jpg
Loop one string/cord under the clip and lay the other string/cord over the other evenly. Pull the ends through and over.

Step 3: Follow Through

Picture of Follow Through
13, 7:39 PM.jpg
13, 7:39 PM.jpg
Wrap around outside strings/cords and pull through the middle. Then tighten up the strings/cords.

Step 4: The Knotting

Picture of The Knotting
13, 7:39 PM.jpg
13, 7:39 PM.jpg
Take one string/cord wrap it around the outside string/cord and over itself. Tighten that up and the repeat an the same side with the other string/cord.

Step 5: Repeat

Picture of Repeat
13, 7:39 PM.jpg
13, 7:39 PM.jpg
Repeat on the other side.

Step 6: Finish Up

Picture of Finish Up
13, 7:39 PM.jpg
Do the same thing all the way down and tie it of. Then tie the button on and cut of the ends of the string/cord.

Step 7: Wear Or Gift

Picture of Wear Or Gift
Now you have a new bracelet to wear and it's great as a gift. Enjoy!
hild2 years ago
What's the lighter for?
The lighter is for burning the ends for a smooth end finishing touch.
syu82 years ago
Motionlessinwhite make the strings looser and u'll get the orange i think
How did you make the other orange bracelet?
BigRed19732 years ago
So easy to follow the instructions! Thanks for posting........
unicorn4046 (author) 2 years ago
Thank you for your wonderful comments. :) I am knew to the website/app and I love it.
bev15112 years ago
wow, this is really great, i think i will give it a bash and report later.
Anilharjeet2 years ago
Tried it,loved it!Brofist to you!
Fun! I need to try that :)
artworker2 years ago
Cool! This is the first ible about thread I totally understood. Thx! Will make.