Introduction: Cute Coat Jewlery or Stocking Hanger for Under $20

Picture of Cute Coat Jewlery or Stocking Hanger for Under $20

This was part of a project that I made for at techshop

What you'll need:
Black Spray Paint
Some MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) inexpensive wood. 12" x 48"
4x knobs of your choice, these ones were about $4 a pop at home depot, I hear target has them cheaper, or look online.
Access to a drill and table router. / Techshop

Step 1: Cut the MDF

Picture of Cut the MDF

I bought 2' x 4' of MDF for $10 bucks, lets just say I have a lot left over for other projectsl.

So cut it how you can, the straighter the better.  You could even your a kitchen knife in a pinch, but it's not recommended.

I measured out a foot and cut it at techshop.

Step 2: Route the Edges

Picture of Route the Edges

I wanted to give me board a good look, so I hooked up the table router tossed in a bit and carved in the edges until I was satisfied.

Step 3: Mark Drill and Bill (not Really Bill)

Picture of Mark Drill and Bill (not Really Bill)

Mark where you want your holes and drill in.  The knobs cable with 1/8 screws, so I used an 1/8" bit to cut through the wood.

Step 4: Paint It Black (not Like the Rolling Stones)

Picture of Paint It Black (not Like the Rolling Stones)

Seriously, just some black spray paint happened to work for this job.  One coat was enough, but two made it nice :)

Also you could sand and do it right, but .... sometimes it's just lunch time. Ya know !

Step 5: Connect

Picture of Connect

Push screws through the back and tighten the knobs on the front.  This couldn't get easier.

Step 6: Mount to Your Wall.

Picture of Mount to Your Wall.

So simple a child could do it. (Childen 18+ apply)  After that it was simply taking some long screws and drilling the board directly into the wall.  It's not going to hold a 50 lbs load, but it will do.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

Picture of Finishing Touches

A nice trick I learned from the Store owner, just sharpe the rest :) and that's it.

Bob's your Uncle.


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2013-11-18

Very nicely done! I just learned how to use a router, it's nice to see what it can do :)

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