Create an adorable coffee cup cozy for yourself or as a personalized gift for someone you love!  This tutorial includes directions and patterns to make three Grande (16oz) cup cozies, and tips for making your own custom designs out of wool felt. In a little kitchen experiment that I did with a digital thermometer, the Instructables Robot Cup Cozy kept my cup of hot tea 5% warmer after 20 minutes than the same cup /hot water without a cozy! 

Step 1: Materials Needed

Items needed:
Computer with printer/ or photocopy machine.
Colored pencils if desired for coloring in design
Disposable coffee cup
Embroidery needle or sewing needle with eye large enough for embroidery floss
Needle Felting Tool
Needle Felting brush base or suitable alternative
A few Straight pins

Instructables Robot:
1) Wool Felt fabric: (or wool blend), 12" squares of each color, Yellow , ivory, and green, and one tiny swatch of grey/or brown for the tree trunk

2) Embroidery thread in black, red, ivory, and two shades of green

3) 1 small floral button, two grey buttons for wheels, and 3 heart shaped buttons
4) Pale blue, medium blue, and red wool roving fiber for felting (You can also use red felt, or red embroidery floss for the heart if you prefer)

1) Wool Felt fabric: (or wool blend), 12" squares of each color, or a 6" length of each color cut from fabric on the bolt
     Grey, Black, Ivory, and background color (green was used) 

2) Wool Roving fiber: black, and white (a small handful is more than enough of each color)
3) Embroidery thread in black,  and light green
4) 3 small black buttons for eyes and nose, flower buttons for decoration


1) Wool Felt: (or wool blend), 12" squares of each color, or a 6" length for each color cut from fabric on the bolt
     Red, Black, Ivory, and background color (green was used)

2) Wool Roving in black to accent the ears

3) Embroidery thread in black, additional colors if you would like to embroider flowers or other details

4) 1 small black button for the nose

Ok, this is a good "ible" devoted to giving a colorful, "artsy" approach to creating a very useful item, ...
<p>Your project inspired me on what to make mom for mother's day!</p>
Oh that's great!!! <br>
These are the cutest cup cozies I have ever seen! &lt;3
Love your instructable! Could you please please please include a template for the Instructables robot?
Hi Porcupinemamma<br>the template is on step 3, where it shows the Instructable Robot printed at the correct scale for the cup. You could print out the page, place the robot picture onto yellow felt, and cut out your felt robot piece by cutting through the paper following the black outline around the robot. You then could print another page if you need, to see where the little ear antennas stick out for embroidering them in red, with a black embroidery thread outline. I &quot;eyeballed&quot; the robot embroidery details by having the printed photo right next to my felt robot as I embroidered.<br>I'm really glad that you liked the Instructable. I love this site!
Done! Thanks so much. I'll needle- felt my merino wool to get a good size piece of felt, and then take it from there. Wet felting would work also, but it's not as much fun. <br>Thanks again :0)!!
Aww! I love the fox. Great job. :D
Thank you! The fox was the first design idea that I came up with. My cat usually likes to get involved in the projects, so perhaps I'll make one of him next :)
These are adorable and I want one.
Thanks so much- I appreciate the compliment especially when there are so many fun Instructables to look at. This is definitely where I spend my browsing time when I need a little creative stimulation, as the members come up with such unique tutorials. My husband jokingly calls it &quot;mommy porn&quot; :)<br> <br><br> <br>
Those are so very cute!
Hey, thanks for the compliment! They're really fun to make- kind of like playing with one of those little felt shape boards that we had as kids (except for the sewing needle part!). I've got more ideas for other designs as well and will probably just keep making more.

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