Cute Concrete Planter

Picture of Cute Concrete Planter

These cute concrete planters are an adorable addition to any home or garden! The molds are made of recyclable materials and concrete mix is very inexpensive to buy. You can switch up the plants in these planters to give these little guys a fresh new 'do.

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Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Picture of Gather Your Supplies

To make the mold, you will need:

  • Plastic pop bottle
  • Marker
  • Scissors and utility knife
  • Tape
  • Drinking straw
  • Cooking spray or petroleum jelly (as a mold release)

To mix and cast concrete, you will need:

  • Concrete mix
  • Safety gear: gloves, mask, safety glasses
  • Container for mixing
  • Water
  • Something to mix with (eg. garden trowel)

To add the finishing touches, you will need:

  • Concrete paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Coconut fiber or potting soil
  • Plants

Step 2: Cut Pieces For Your Mold

Picture of Cut Pieces For Your Mold

You will want to use the upper portion of the plastic pop bottle. Mark where you want your cutting lines to be on your bottle. (Tip for drawing perfectly straight lines: Use a metal clip to hold on to your marker and stick the clip to a magnet on your refrigerator. Then place your bottle so that it is touching the fridge and position the marker so that it is in contact with the bottle. Rotate the bottle all the way around so that you have drawn a line all the way around the bottle.)

To cut the bottle, I first used a utility knife to make a puncture and then I continued with scissors. Once the dome part is cut out, you can work on the inner cavity. You will need to cut a strip from the bottle that is about a half an inch shallower than the dome part

Step 3: Assemble Your Mold

Picture of Assemble Your Mold

Roll up the strip of cut plastic and place it in the opening at the top of the dome. Let the strip unroll so that it forms a cylinder the same size as the opening. Tape it in place.

Use tape to close the inner tube cylinder at the end that is closest to the large end of the dome. Make a hole in the tape and stick a straw through to make a drain hole.

Coat the mold with cooking spray or petroleum jelly to help the concrete release.

Step 4: Mix & Cast Concrete

Picture of Mix & Cast Concrete

I used about 4 pounds of mix for 3 planters and used the amount of water suggested by the instructions. I mixed it in a plastic bucket with a garden trowel. I added the mix to the mold, a little bit at a time, while tapping the mold to try to prevent air pockets. Remember to wear your gloves, mask, and safety glasses!

I cured the concrete for the amount of time the instructions suggested for warmer weather. During this time, I tried to keep the concrete moist. After I removed the concrete from the molds, I soaked the planters in water and vinegar overnight to try and neutralize the concrete.

The bottom of my planters were not completely level, so I sanded them down using a bit of sand and a plank of wood.

Step 5: Finish

Picture of Finish

Paint on a face with paint suitable paint for concrete.

Fill the planter with coconut fiber or potting soil and add a plant hairdo.


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Really nice.

darklotus4 days ago

These are gorgeous! Kids of all ages will love these and I'm definitely going to make some as presents for a couple of little kids (and a few big kids) in the family. I know they'll be chuffed! Thanks for this instructable!

smori (author)  darklotus4 days ago

Thank you for your comment! I'd love to see how they turn out.

aswaha yah4 days ago

the photo is so eye-catching ,i love it

smori (author)  aswaha yah4 days ago

Thank you!

capricorn4 days ago

So sweet, thaks for sharing :)

smori (author)  capricorn4 days ago

Thank you :)

askjerry4 days ago

One suggestion, try making them out of hypertufa so they will be lighter, and drain better. My wife makes hypertufa pots all the time... they work great.

smori (author)  askjerry4 days ago

Thank you for the suggestion. I will look into that.

proxyous5 days ago

I am the manager of an apartment complex we have a playground and i was thinking of putting these around it. What do you all think about that

smori (author)  proxyous4 days ago

The kids will love them!

These would be really nice around the complex.

What about using larger bottles or buckets? wander the aisles of your local hardware store and see what would be a good shape.

Definitely a fun idea, kids will love it and parents will chuckle.

jazzdroid6 days ago

may I know what is the name of the plant?

smori (author)  jazzdroid4 days ago

It's a type of Sempervivum. It's more commonly known as hen and chicks.

bofarr5 days ago


smori (author)  bofarr4 days ago


Looks so cute :)

smori (author)  Passion Make4 days ago

Thank you!

mojoatomic6 days ago

Kawaii! Love these!

smori (author)  mojoatomic4 days ago

Thank you!

I think the cuteness factor is directly proportional to what is planted inside... nah, pretty much anything that gets planted in these things would be cute!

smori (author)  crispernakisan4 days ago


deba1686 days ago

Its beautiful..Thanks for sharing :)

smori (author)  deba1684 days ago

Thank you!

I don't know why, but it looks a lot like Oddish to me. I like it anyway!

smori (author)  AlternateLives4 days ago

Thanks! Maybe if they were painted blue.

erick_-_-6 days ago
That's soooooo awsome I love this
smori (author)  erick_-_-4 days ago

Thank you :)

bagnitsch6 days ago

So darn cute!

smori (author)  bagnitsch4 days ago


Super cute and loved the use of pet bottle :). Thank you for sharing.
smori (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya4 days ago

Thank you so much!

brandt e7 days ago
These are awsome and easy to make! Is there enough room for the roots?
smori (author)  brandt e5 days ago

Thank you! The cavities for the plants in the planters that I made are actually pretty big and fit the roots of the plants that I used. I used a type of succulent plant that grows anywhere it wants to around my house, even in cracks of concrete.

brandt e smori5 days ago
Abigail027 days ago
Way too cute!!! Look great!
smori (author)  Abigail025 days ago

Thanks! :)

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