Introduction: Cute Containers

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You guys tired of stuff all over your room, well not anymore!! You don't have to deal with the clutter and the difficulties of looking everywhere just for you're favorite pencil, because I have for you the best solution!

-This is cheesy isn't it? Sorry didn't know what else to write and the first thing that came to mind were those cleaning commercials....hehe I'm pathetic (jk)

Step 1: Things You Need:

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- A Container
- Tape or Hot Glue Gun
- Craft Paper (don't know what it's called) or Duct Tape
- Scissors
- Ruler

Step 2: Your Choice

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You want to pick what to decorate your container with. I used craft paper, and tape, but you can decorate it with whatever you want like stickers, duct tape, or pics of stuff. (I'm a huge fan of Naruto and Death Note as you guys can tell.....if you know what they are that is, oh ya that stuff is paint not blood...I'm not vampire...or am I mwahahaha)

Step 3: Measure

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So this whole thing is probably self-explanatory but I'll just take you through all the steps.......cuz I feel like it. So if you want to use paper measure the length and width of your container and cut it according to size. Do the same thing with the duct tape if you're using that. Oh yeah and you want to cut the paper or duct tape a few inches longer in length. (I was too lazy to cut the duct tape ._.)

Step 4: Glue, or Tape

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So the final steps for the duct tape or craft paper containers are to tape the duct tape onto the container and for the craft paper to glue or tape the paper onto the container. Yaaay!! We're done!!!! :D


charlieanderin (author)2014-08-27

Love the username!

lol thanks but im late..sorry haha

Thank you!! I'll try and see if I can post anything else :)

These are so cute! It's so simple, but it adds so much and it's a perfect way to get things organized. Hope to see more from you in the future!

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