Picture of Cute Crafted Fireflies
Continuing from the dragonfly I built, I decided my next little gift would be a series of three little fireflies. These turned out to be much easier to manufacture, though admittedly, they are a good deal less intricate. Still, one of these can make a fun two-hour project for someone dexterous. 

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools
Materials - Ideal:
-One Glass Glow Bead - ~8mm
-1/2" Dowel
-Scrap Copper, 1" x 1" is more than enough
-1 1/2" Copper Wire ~30 AWG
-1 Brass Linoleum Nail

Equipment & Tools:
-2 Pair pliers
-Tin Snips or Wire Cutters
-Sandpaper or Table Sander
-Dremmel (w/ wood cutting bit) or Saw
-Drill w/ 1/16" Bit
-Vise or Clamp

Possible Substitutions and Notes:
-Any small piece of wood will do in place of a dowel, though a dowel will be simpler. I used a spare part from a broken down and old piano keyboard.
-The nail does not have to be a linoleum nail, but they are a handy size. Additionally, it is almost invisible on the final product so if you're not a purist, other metals will do just fine.
-Unfortunately, the glow bead, in addition to being harder to find, cannot really be substituted or else you will not have a very fiery firefly. I found mine on ebay as a Czech Glass Glow in the Dark Bead. A string of ten ran me about $5 with shipping. I would also mention that the glow is modest, but quite pretty.
-The vise/clamp is really just to serve as a way to hold the wood while you cut it. You could certainly do without if using a dremmel with a wood cutting bit, but doing without and using a handsaw would be difficult.
flyingpuppy2 years ago
How adorable!
ChrysN2 years ago
That is really cute! I've never seen these glow in the dark beads before.
Manick Yoj (author)  ChrysN2 years ago
Neither had I! When I thought of the idea I wanted it to glow. Originally I was going to do something fancy with LEDs and solar panels. Then I realized how much easier it would be to use glow in the dark beads so I ran a couple searches and found these.