Continuing from the dragonfly I built, I decided my next little gift would be a series of three little fireflies. These turned out to be much easier to manufacture, though admittedly, they are a good deal less intricate. Still, one of these can make a fun two-hour project for someone dexterous. 

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Materials - Ideal:
-One Glass Glow Bead - ~8mm
-1/2" Dowel
-Scrap Copper, 1" x 1" is more than enough
-1 1/2" Copper Wire ~30 AWG
-1 Brass Linoleum Nail

Equipment & Tools:
-2 Pair pliers
-Tin Snips or Wire Cutters
-Sandpaper or Table Sander
-Dremmel (w/ wood cutting bit) or Saw
-Drill w/ 1/16" Bit
-Vise or Clamp

Possible Substitutions and Notes:
-Any small piece of wood will do in place of a dowel, though a dowel will be simpler. I used a spare part from a broken down and old piano keyboard.
-The nail does not have to be a linoleum nail, but they are a handy size. Additionally, it is almost invisible on the final product so if you're not a purist, other metals will do just fine.
-Unfortunately, the glow bead, in addition to being harder to find, cannot really be substituted or else you will not have a very fiery firefly. I found mine on ebay as a Czech Glass Glow in the Dark Bead. A string of ten ran me about $5 with shipping. I would also mention that the glow is modest, but quite pretty.
-The vise/clamp is really just to serve as a way to hold the wood while you cut it. You could certainly do without if using a dremmel with a wood cutting bit, but doing without and using a handsaw would be difficult.
How adorable!
That is really cute! I've never seen these glow in the dark beads before.
Neither had I! When I thought of the idea I wanted it to glow. Originally I was going to do something fancy with LEDs and solar panels. Then I realized how much easier it would be to use glow in the dark beads so I ran a couple searches and found these.

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