Introduction: Cute Dog Bandana

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Here's a simple way to make a cute bandana for your dog!

Step 1: Fabric

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You can use any spare fabric or old shirt for this project just make sure it's the big enough.

Step 2: Cutting It Out

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Find an area of fabric large enough to be able to cut out a decent sized triangle, just make sure the base of your triangle is the same size as your dogs collar when layed flat. If you want add a design to the cutout are like I did.

Step 3: Adding Decoration

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This step is optional, but if you would like drawing designs or writing on the bandana always looks nice

Step 4: All Done

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Loosely tie around your dogs neck, and make sure they agree with the fashion statement or you might end up with rebellious results!


billbillt (author)2017-06-29

You have a wonderfully beautiful dog....

AdamE79 (author)billbillt2017-06-29

thank you

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