Picture of Cute Easter Jar Decoration
Such an adorable decoration for Easter, maybe for someone with a sweet tooth! :)
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Step 1:

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Get a jar

Step 2:

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And some green white yellow black and pink ( or I didn't have a pink so I used a pen) paints

Step 3:

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A little glass of water for your paint brush

Step 4:

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A paint brush and some news paper

Step 5: Let's Get Started

Picture of Let's Get Started
Go in with the green paint on the bottom and swipe up to create a grass like image

Step 6:

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Do step 5 all around the bottom of the jar

Step 7:

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Wash the green paint off the brush with the water

Step 8:

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With white add a half snowman shape coming up from the grass

Step 9:

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Add long oval shapes on the top of the bunnies head for the ears and add some clouds around the jar

Step 10:

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Put pink on the ears and for the nose, put a tini little sideways oval

Step 11:

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Add black paint for eyes

Step 12:

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(Optional) add a sun

Step 13:

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Now add little coloured ovals in the grass to act like eggs

Step 14:

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To get even more festive you can add Some candy in the jar, I added easter coloured jelly beans