Picture of Cute Eraser Charm Jewelry
I found the cutest Hello Kitty erasers at my local craft store for only $1 per package and had to buy them.  But the problem is, what does an grown up do with cutesy erasers?

Turn them into jewelry, of course!

You will need (for basic charm):
-small eraser
-needle nose pliers
-6 mm jump ring
-2" long head pin
-jewelry clip (or earring hook)
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Step 1: Making a basic eraser charm

Picture of Making a basic eraser charm
First I'll show you how to make the most basic charm.  While I used a clip to finish it off, you could also turn these into cute earrings or necklace charms.

1. gripping the needle with the pliers, careful push it through the center of the eraser and then pull it out.  This will create a hole for our headpin to go through. Be careful though as might end up pushing the needle through the front or back of the eraser and we don't want that!

2. use the pliers to push the headpin through the hole created by the needle, with the head at what will be the bottom of our charm.  Push/pull it all the way until the headpin is flat against the bottom of the eraser.

3. Trim the excess headpin down to about  1/4 inch and using your pliers, bend it into a loop.

4. Open the jump ring and use it to attach the clip (or earring hook) to the loop on the eraser.  If you want to use this as a necklace, simply attach the jump ring by itself.

5. Admire your work!

Cindy021 year ago
That's so creative! Great idea!
zamrin1 year ago
You can make that into a hangy outy bookmark
jsu22 years ago
they are so cute! I'm a little worried about weight, though. help?
Browncoat2 years ago
Great idea! They ARE the perfect size for charms!
Such a cute idea! Do you ever use them as actual erasers when you are wearing them?