Picture of Cute Magnetic Owl Lamp
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This is an owl lamp I worked on with my girlfriend Sylvia. We are both students of design & technology in NYC and built this together as a fun soft-circuits project. Our goal was to make a small night-lamp that was both cute and functional.  

The project is very simple - anyone can follow this Instructable to build their own owl lamp. We encourage you to imagine other characters or animals that you can create with this design. 

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Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
  • Soldering station
  • Solder
  • Thin coated wire
  • 9V battery with enclosure
  • Glue gun
  • Ultra bright LEDs (we are using 1W star LEDs)
  • Resistors (~100-300ohm)
  • Knife
  • Copper tape 
  • Adhesive velcro pads
  • Mini high strength magnets (the ones we used were 5x5x1 mm)
  • Material for laser cutting
You should be able to get everything you need from the following stores: Radio Shack,,,

Step 2: Animal Design & Laser Cuttin'

Picture of Animal Design & Laser Cuttin'
Our owl is made with three layers. We chose to use three layers so the middle layer could hide the magnetic feet - notice the little square cutouts on the feet of the middle layer .

It is very possible to make the owl lamp with just two layers, or even one if you had slightly thicker material. In the future I would prefer to do a two layer design with thicker material.

If you don't have access to a laser cutter you can use online services like Ponoko. Alternatively if you have skilled hands you could build the body from scratch.

The laser cutting PDF/AI files are included below, however, I encourage you to come up with your own unique design. 

All the details of the laser cutting design may not be clear until you read the remaining steps of this Instructable. 

starforest4 months ago

What a great project!

xexijreil1 year ago
Hi! Great instructable! =)

Could you please tell me which material you used to do it?

Maskim2 years ago
Hey, thank you from France to your great instructables.
I use your tuto in the order to make my own, I just copy your amazing owl and I make a cat (This caracter is Happy from the Fairy Tail japanese anime).
light Off.jpglight On.jpg
Fuzzy-Wobble (author)  Maskim2 years ago
BRAVO! Looks great.
All I had on hand were some craft sticks, hot glue, two ping pong balls, a sharpie, and an X-Acto knife so I did the best I could. I still need to get some LEDs that are bright enough for the eyes but that will be the easy part. I think I need to make some more of these for Christmas gifts for my nieces!
I just finished a second project inspired by this Instructable, and will soon be completing a third! Here's version number two:
sooooo cute!!!
Fuzzy-Wobble (author)  Liberty Laundry2 years ago
Great idea with the craft sticks - looks superb!
danlynne072 years ago
Love it!! thanks for sharing.
What a creative design, I'd love to see these available to buy!
really well made and well documented! I especially like the magnetic foot attachments, great idea!
hertzgamma2 years ago
It is amazing!
samalert2 years ago
ChrysN2 years ago
It is so cute!