So I had these old mummy candy jars I made this past Halloween that I just realized I had after the crazy house decorating, light hanging frenzy I've been on, and I had forgotten all about them, so I decided given the limited time (Christmas around the corner) I simply worked w what I had to make some Christmassy jars .....


Glass jars
Bandages.....these were in my old mummy jars
Googly eyes
Acrylic paint
Glass beads
1 snowflake
Wire ornament hooks( hands)
Cotton balls

Step 1: Glass-y the Snowman

Paint the existing eyes ( in my case) black,
Cut and paint a long triangle for the nose, for the mouth make tiny circles outta black construction paper , hot glue on.

Now for the scarf:
I used my sons old shirt ( sleeves) cut it
Hot glue it on

Ornament wire 3 braided and hot glued on
Be creative with this , originally I didn't even think of hands , until my son mentioned it wasn't a real snowman until it had hands , so now there's hands :)

Santa hat:
Sleeve cut into a long triangle, hot glue together, add a cotton ball at the end
Then hot glue to the jars top, make it nice and tight.

Step 2: Rudolph the Glass Jar Reindeer

Paint the existing eyes black,
Add a glass bead for a nose , and paint it red.
Cut your snowflake in half and hotglue just below the top , use the stuff leftover from the snowflake and hotglue on for a smile!

And your done!!!!!
Be creative , use different colors, different materials, make different characters, don't forget to make these for quick super cool, unique gifts, especially for moms and grandmas.....we <3 them!!!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!
<p>What a cute gift. Thanks for sharing~</p><p>sunshiine~</p>
I did! These were the ones left over from my last Halloween one ! :)
<p>Cool decorations. You know if you change out a few of the elements, it would also work as a mummy for Halloween.</p>

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