Introduction: Cute Mini Book

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this tutorial will show you how to make a mini book from paper

tools and materials:

  • buffalo paper
  • hvs paper
  • paper glue
  • scissor
  • ruler

Step 1: Make Your Book Cover

Picture of Make Your Book Cover

use the size like the picture or just make your own size or even use book cover from internet, cut it outside the line, and fold it like a book cover

Step 2: Make the Pages

Picture of Make the Pages
  • use the cover as measurement to make the pages, give mark on each side of hvs paper, fold it and cut it
  • fold it like the picture,and remember to use the cover as the measurement for the pages (look the pic )
  • as you see in the picture, you still need more pages, so make it again and glue them together

Step 3: Finishing

Picture of Finishing
  • press that book a little while
  • as you can see, there still leftover part
  • trim that part

now you have a cute litlle book


Swansong (author)2017-03-02

Cute :) I used to make these when I was a kid.

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Bio: i am a 14 years old student live in indonesia, i very like crafting, especially on paper
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