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during winter, it feels cozy when you wrap yourself in the blanket. and it feels more good when you have stitched it with your own hand. many people find it difficult to make one. but let me tell you that its quite simple. you just have to stitch pieces of cloth together to make up to your desired length.

well what i feel is it can be a very nice gift you can give to your loved ones this winter.

so lets make one with the simplest technique possible...

Step 1: Materials Needed..

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different colored cloth (according to your design)

a pair of scissors

measuring tape

template (of the design you choose)



Step 2: Understand...

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regarding design, you can choose design which we use for cross stitching.

i have taken a penguin over here.

you have to stitch your squares of cloth according to the design you choose.

details of the design i have taken:

yellow squares: 213

orange: 58

red: 64

green: 28

black: 112

white: 95

the total squares required for this are 570.

Step 3: The Beginning...

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count all the squares of your template and then cut squares of 3" x 3" of different colors respectively.

Step 4: Stitching...

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later start stitching all the squares according to your template. stitch only one line. (starting from left to right)

similarly stitch all the remaining lines.

Step 5: Arranging..

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arrange all the lines and start stitching them together to make your design.

Step 6: In Addition...

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in addition to this cut 2" wide strip and stitch it on all 4 borders.

Step 7: Backside..

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then use white cloth to cover the backside of the blanket. stitch that white cloth at the backside of the blanket.

if you have any old cloth you can put it in between to make your blanket more thick and cozy. and then use piping technique to stitch it.

Step 8: Ready...

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your warm and cozy blanket is ready to give you warmth this year..


seamster (author)2017-01-11

This is really impressive. Good work!

pranali19 (author)seamster2017-01-11


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2017-01-10

Wow! You hand sewed this! That's amazing :)


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