Cute Quilled Mini Dolls





Introduction: Cute Quilled Mini Dolls

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So adorable they are. Arent they?

Cute quilled Mini dolls made easy in just 4 steps.

Flower Themed Mini Dolls Bergenia(Pink),Gerbera(red) and Tulip(white)

Basic Things needed

  • quilling paper
  • quilling needle
  • glue
  • Sealing crystal glue

Step 1: The Preparation and Planning Step

Plan the outfits and colours and Prepare all the items as shown in the image.

Step 2: Shaping Face and Body

Give shape to body and face by pushing the circle of paper strips from a flat side into a cone and half sphere respectively.

Step 3: HairStyling

Make hairstyle taking 5-6 strands of quilling paper stripes and fix them with glue so that the style freezes as the dolls cant use hairspray(^-^). The picture shows how I made the hairstyles of Bergenia, Gerbera and Tulip.

Step 4: Gluing

Glue Hair on the Head and the head to the body. I have used black stones for eyes. Glue accessories.



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    These would be great to make look alikes for your friends for gifts or a party. Or a Nativity Set for Christmas. Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, The Wisemen etc. Any "favorite group" or family! Love it!

    These are adorable!