Picture of Cute Sandcastle Flags
Making sandcastles was, and still is, a favourite activity on seaside holidays.  So why not make your children's memories of making sandcastles on the beach (or in their sandpit!) extra-special by telling them about this instructable?

They can download and print out the flags I've drawn; either in full colour, or blank line drawing versions which they can colour-in themselves!
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Step 1: To make the flags, you will need:

Picture of To make the flags, you will need:
A print of the flags (download the PDF files here)
Clean lolly sticks (or bamboo skewers, cut in half, or pencils, or plastic straws)

Step 2: Print and colour-in the flags

Picture of Print and colour-in the flags
Download the sheet you want, and print it out. If you print out the blank sheet, colour them in and decorate if you wish.  You could add sequins or glitter for extra sparkle!

You could also print onto interesting paper, for example brown kraft paper cut to A4 size to fit in your printer, or other coloured paper.

Step 3: Cut the flags out

Picture of Cut the flags out
Cut the flags out along the dotted lines.

Step 4: Insert the flag-pole

Picture of Insert the flag-pole
Get your skewer/lolly stick/plastic straw ready.  Fold the flag in half and crease the centre line gently; this is where the flag-pole will go. Apply glue to the back of one half of the flag, including the centre crease.

Step 5: Fold the flag over

Picture of Fold the flag over
Fold the flag over and make sure that both sides line up neatly. Ensure that all edges are glued properly, and re-apply glue if the edges haven't been stuck completely.
I just adore these sandcastle flags! I can't wait to see everyones photos! I am hoping to do these with our infant school! Should be great fun. We might put them in the sand pit! My son has already downloaded his and can't to get to the beach! Well done these are just great - so simple and yet SO much fun!
scoochmaroo5 years ago
ewijaya34 years ago
Wow! I wanna try to make it. I'm finding easy stuffs to make for my mum's birthday. So i'll try this. Wohoo!! Just 2 days for me to make this.