Cute Sock Animal Plushies (no sewing, gluing or cutting)

Picture of Cute Sock Animal Plushies (no sewing, gluing or cutting)
My older sister recently got a job working at an Alaska boarding school where her job is to keep the kids entertained for the 8 hours between their lessons ending and their bedtime.  She asked for help finding crafts for the kids to do, and using some after-Christmas-clearance-sale socks my mom found, I came up with these simple, cute plushies.  The real appeal about these little critters is that there is no gluing, cutting or sewing needed! Just stuffing and some rubber bands to shape them.

I'll be showing you how to make a mouse in the pictures, but you can modify the design to make several different types of animals, I'll give some suggestions when you're done.
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Step 1: What you will need:

Picture of What you will need:
-fuzzy ankle sock (any size will really work, though I used a size 9)


-small stretchy rubber bands – the kind they use for hair styling, you can get packs of them from beauty supply stores

-sharpie marker

-5 inch piece of ribbon (for the tail, if you're making a mouse like I do in the pictures)

Step 2: Making the feet

Picture of Making the feet
Start by laying the sock out flat with the opening at the top (picture 1)

Next, use your fingers to fold the bottom of the sock inside itself. This will make the bottom edge of the sock flat (picture 2)

Pinch the corner of the sock and using a rubber band and tie it off to make a foot. Repeat with the other side to make the second foot (picture 3 & 4).

Step 3: Adding a tail (optional)

Picture of Adding a tail (optional)
If you want to add a tail, tie a knot at the end of the ribbon.

Turn the sock over, we’ll be adding the tail to the animal’s back.

Place the tail over the area that you want it to be attached to. Reach into the sock and pinch the knot. (picture 1 & 2)

Pull the sock-covered knot up through the inside of the body, then secure it with another rubber band. (picture 3)

There, the knot should now be secured and the tail attached to the body. (picture 4)
21joelleh9 months ago

does this work with socks that are not fuzzy?

yes its just not as cuddly

gwhite024 made it!1 month ago

i LOVE THIS !!!! Will be buying 20 more fuzzy socks to make more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gwhite024 made it!1 month ago

it was so easy

DogmatiX2 months ago
So cute!!!
DogmatiX2 months ago
These would be great for the kids at the boarding school that want something to cuddle at night! :D
grace61 year ago

these are sooo cute thanks for the idea

dspooner1 year ago
this is so cute! any idea how long they last until they fall apart or bands break etc? I wanna make loads!!!!
sherms6673 years ago
Wonderful. I love it. My daughter likes making them and then taking them apart and then making them again in a different way. My sister-in-law loves your idea too. Props!
your daughters are very creative
CreativeTiffany (author)  sherms6673 years ago
Thanks very much, I'm glad your daughter enjoys them! ^.^
These are SOOOO cute! I have plenty of fuzzy socks to do this with!