Introduction: Cute Witch Pumpkin

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Very easy and cute witch pumpkin! I made this for my mom, haha. Hope you all enjoy~ Give me any other ideas and feel free to subscribe.

Step 1: Things I Used

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FIRST you need a plastic pumkin.

NEXT: I got acrylic paint, witch hat prop, witch feet prop, hair, and glow in the dark paint.


Step 2: Base

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I used green acrylic paint let it dry then put a layer of glow in the dark on top.

Step 3: Face Idea

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I sketched out the face idea. (in case you didn't notice I used the stump as a nose)

Step 4: Starting the Eyes

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I used white paint to start off then I outlined with black paint.

Step 5: Eyeshadow and Brows

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I used neon paint on one eye for eye shadow and one eyebrow, then I used neon orange on the other side.

Step 6: Eyes

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I made the eye under the purple green, and the eye under the orange purple.

Step 7: Details

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I used dark green to contour the 'nose' then I grabbed more black to add details like eyelashes ect

Step 8: Mouth

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I used black to outline the mouth and a neon pink for blush.

Step 9: Details of Mouth

Picture of Details of Mouth

I then filled in the mouth with black and red and the teeth with white.

Step 10: Props

Picture of Props

I stuck the legs in, glued the hat on, and glued the hair on. YOUR DONE! I think it's cute.


Violet-Person (author)2016-09-13

Ok that is adorable and I want to make one!

MsMaoMaoz (author)Violet-Person2016-09-13

do it! Haha =)

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