Introduction: Cute Yarn Dolls

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My siblings Love to play with these dolls they are SOOOOO cute. These dolls are Homemade and very fun to play with.

Step 1: Materials

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The only materials you need are a pair of scissors, a ruler or measuring tape and some yarn ( about 12 yards ).

Step 2: Starting to Make It

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First cut 2 pieces of yarn 1 six inches pieces and 1 piece 12 inches long.

Step 3: Next

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Next wrap the yarn around your fingers about 60 times for every 6 inches. Then cut the yarn.

Step 4: Then

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Carefully pull the 12 inch string through the thick loop of yarn that was around your fingers. And then knot it tightly around the loop.

Step 5: Then

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Put the 6 inch sting about an inch and a half under the first knot at the top, and tie it. Then take the rest of the strings and split them into 4 even groups (you do not need to count just guess).

Step 6: Almost Done

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For a boy: then cut 4 strings each 4 inches long, and put 1 under each group, and then tie ( trim if needed ).

For a girl: cut 2 strings and put 1 under the top group on each side, and then tie.

Step 7: Final Step

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Cut a string about 6 inches long and place it about 3 inches under the top and tie it.
Now you have your yarn doll. I hope that you will have a fun time playing with it.


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Pretty. I made something like that:)

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