Introduction: Cute and Easy Hand Puppet

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I'ma Teach Choo Howta Make A Supah Simple Hand Puppet!!

Step 1: Materials

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Needle and Thread
Fabric-- skin color, cheek color, eye color, cloak color, and hair color (optional)
Hot glue gun
Glue stick(s)
Marker (optional)
Fiber fill

Step 2: The Head

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Cut a large circle out of your skin color fabric. Gather the fabric on the edge of the circle and stuff the head with fiber fill.

Step 3: The Mouth

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Draw the mouth on the face (opposite of where you gathered the fabric) and, coming from the back of the head, backstitch to embroider where the mouth is.

Step 4: The Cheeks

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Cut two ovals out of your cheek fabric and glue them on either side of the mouth.

Step 5: Eyes

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Cut two small circles out of your eye fabric and draw a smaller circle inside with a marker. Glue above but slightly overlapping the cheeks.

Step 6: Hair (optional)

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Cut several pieces of yarn or fabric and glue then at the top of the head of your puppet.

Step 7: The Cloak

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For my cloak, I cut off part of an old pant leg and glued one side of one end to the top of the head. Then, I glued the other side of the same end to the bottom of the head. (If it's easier for you, you can put a dab of glue between where your thumb will be and the bottom of the head).

Step 8: Ta-Da!

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Your puppet needs a name now. Mine is named Edith (with a lisp). Your puppet is finished! Enjoy!


EMUSAW (author)2014-09-20


SkyProductions (author)2014-09-20

This is so awesome !!

MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-09-14

So cute! I love the cheeks! Thanks for sharing!

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