Step 2: getting started with owl eyes

first lets start with the eyes of the owl.Paste a button on the coke bottle lid(see image 1).Make another one.We are done with the eyes..
Pretty simple isn't it?..:)
Omg my mom would just eat this project up! She would probably go NUTS and make a whole tiny tree with TONS of these little guys on it
Cute but...no beak?
<p>you can cut out orange or yellow paper for the beak</p>
Soooo cute
so cute
Nice, thanx for sharing
that is so nice of you :)
ssssooooo cute!!!!!!
thanks a lot devinkelley..:)
Very cool :) and off-course cute :]
thanks a lot tarun:)
This is cool! Good job and welcome to Instructables!
Fun! Love how you did the little feet :)
thanks.. that is very nice of you..:)
Ohh, it's very cute!
Very cute! <br> <br>(Have a look at your inbox as well.)

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