During this instruct able, I'm going to show you how to make an adorable change purse out of a stuffed animal. Let's get started!!!! I have so many animals, i decided to make this little purse.

1. What did you make?
I made a change purse out of a stuffed animal. I wanted to find a project that uses stuffed animals, since i have so many. Originally, i was going to just make it and use it for myself, but then i thought maybe other people would like to make one also!!
The materials i used were: Old stuffed animal, scissors, a zipper, an old sock, a seam ripper, and a hot glue gun.

2.How did you make it?
I'm not sure where i got the idea. I was thinking about what i could make with a stuffed animal, and BOOM! I had an idea!!  I made the purse at home by myself.

3. Where did you make it?
I made it at home in my bedroom. I saw a lot of cool stuffed animal projects on this website, so i wanted to add to that.

4. What did you learn?
I learned that something that is trash can be used to make really cool stuff. The hardest part of making this was gluing the zipper on. I accidentally glued the part where the zipper runs along and i had to get a new zipper. My favorite thing about this purse is that it is cute and practical. If I did it again, i would try to make the glue show less. Most importantly, i had fun while making this!

Step 1: Materials!!!!

Here is the stuff you'll need.
I made mine a lot different. didn't use hot glue and just took out the middle so you could still see what it was. even gave it Diamond earrings, hand cuff chain for zipper and I'm gonna make it a necklace. lol
<p>btw, you did way better than I did. I was being really lazy, so I think I going to update this 'able</p>
<p>That is awesome!!! I love to see when people make my stuff.</p>
<p>1. why would you do this to a stuffed animal?!?!!? :'(</p><p>2. i thought this would be nicer!!!!!!! :'(</p><p>3. its a great idea, maybe without hurting the stuffed animal? :'(((((((((</p>
<p>That narwhal pic is ADORABLE!!! :)</p>
<p>It was under anesthesia, so we're all good. I even gave it some ibuprofen after surgery.</p>
Omg so cute. I love going to the dollar store, so I should make sure to buy a little stuffed animal for a coin purse. Thanks for the awesome idea!
<p>I know, I love to stock up on dollar junk for crafts...</p>
thx! :) <br>
cute! voted!
This is so cute! <br>
You can usually buy them at craft stores like michaels or something. Thx for the comment!!!!!
<em>Cute Ideal, Except I don't know where to get a zipper unless I can just take it off pants or something.</em>
Thanks for the idea about the dollar store!!! I had trouble choosing which one i should for the purse because i like all my animals!!
There are good animals at the dollar store. This..... is..... ADORABLE!!!!!!

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