Picture of Cute stuffed animal change purse!
During this instruct able, I'm going to show you how to make an adorable change purse out of a stuffed animal. Let's get started!!!! I have so many animals, i decided to make this little purse.

1. What did you make?
I made a change purse out of a stuffed animal. I wanted to find a project that uses stuffed animals, since i have so many. Originally, i was going to just make it and use it for myself, but then i thought maybe other people would like to make one also!!
The materials i used were: Old stuffed animal, scissors, a zipper, an old sock, a seam ripper, and a hot glue gun.

2.How did you make it?
I'm not sure where i got the idea. I was thinking about what i could make with a stuffed animal, and BOOM! I had an idea!!  I made the purse at home by myself.

3. Where did you make it?
I made it at home in my bedroom. I saw a lot of cool stuffed animal projects on this website, so i wanted to add to that.

4. What did you learn?
I learned that something that is trash can be used to make really cool stuff. The hardest part of making this was gluing the zipper on. I accidentally glued the part where the zipper runs along and i had to get a new zipper. My favorite thing about this purse is that it is cute and practical. If I did it again, i would try to make the glue show less. Most importantly, i had fun while making this!
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Step 1: Materials!!!!

Picture of Materials!!!!
Here is the stuff you'll need.

Step 3:

Now, cut the sock a few inches from the toe.
kawaiilover8 months ago
Omg so cute. I love going to the dollar store, so I should make sure to buy a little stuffed animal for a coin purse. Thanks for the awesome idea!
craftpro (author)  kawaiilover7 months ago

I know, I love to stock up on dollar junk for crafts...

craftpro (author) 1 year ago
thx! :)
cute! voted!
Master18111 year ago
This is so cute!
craftpro (author) 1 year ago
You can usually buy them at craft stores like michaels or something. Thx for the comment!!!!!
jcomstock31 year ago
Cute Ideal, Except I don't know where to get a zipper unless I can just take it off pants or something.
craftpro (author) 1 year ago
Thanks for the idea about the dollar store!!! I had trouble choosing which one i should for the purse because i like all my animals!!
There are good animals at the dollar store. This..... is..... ADORABLE!!!!!!