Cutest Amigurumi Pencil Ever


Introduction: Cutest Amigurumi Pencil Ever

About: I'm a country girl, I Love, sewing, knitting, crocheting, experimenting, cooking, pottery, ... the list never ends.

It's Hard to find Good Quality toys that are practical, healthy, and not made of plastic full of BPA. and other harmful chemicals! That's why we need to make our own.

As we were doing home school one day my baby sister wanted my sharpened pencil, No No baby dangerous!! was my reply... that gave me a wonderful idea to make her one she could use without any harm coming to her. Just perfect for baby's hands!

It is simple, easy, and fun!

Step 1: FREE Pattern

Click on the link below to open my FREE pdf crochet pattern!

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    This perfect to put in a teacher gift basket.