Step 10: You're Done

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This took about 30 minutes to make, I made one the day before to get everything just right so the second one was pretty fast and easy. I wore it all day, to the the grocery store, walked the wiener dog, made dinner, wrote this 'ible. I have a few more pillow cases, so I am going to make more, the next one might have slightly longer straps to be a bit less modest... Hey, play around, that is what the seam ripper is for.

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SugarTeen525 years ago
Actually this is super fantastic. And very clear!! Great instructable, enter it in something if you ever get a chance!!
Ninzerbean (author)  SugarTeen525 years ago
It's entered in the sewing contest - go vote! Thanks!
trophywife5 years ago
so cute! i love it! though i think i'll keep mine strapless. great 'ible!
grannyg5 years ago
This is too cute. My granddaughter is going to love this. Actually, I have been making pillowcase dresses for the little granddaughters. It will be nice to make one for my granddaughter in college. Thanks.
Ninzerbean (author)  grannyg5 years ago
Thank you!
MyMenagerie5 years ago
This is a great idea! I have several old missmatched pillow cases to try! I only suggest top stitching the straps before sewing to shirt. It may be a bit easier! Thanks a lot for the 'ible!