Step 4: Turn Your Pillowcase Inside Out

If you want to simply sew a channel for the elastic to run through that is fine but if you run two rows of stitching you will have a nice "gather" on the  top. 
I love anything that recycles something. Great work. I have a sewing machine that I have used one or two times. Got any good ideas for something for a guy? By the way, you sure don't look 50. Good job.
Thanks, go look at the ible about making a T-shirt new again - it's definitely for a guy.&nbsp;<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-Your-Favorite-Old-T-Shirt-New-Again/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-Your-Favorite-Old-T-Shirt-New-Again/</a><br>
Actually this is super fantastic. And very clear!! Great instructable, enter it in something if you ever get a chance!!
It's entered in the sewing contest - go vote! Thanks!
so cute! i love it! though i think i'll keep mine strapless. great 'ible!
Would you recommend any particular japanese craft books? I like japanese designs but I don't know where I would find those kinds of craft books...and the shirt's awesome!
look on Etsy for Japanese craft books, I actually went to a book store in Japan, I also sort of figured out how to use Amazon jp, the shipping is actually reasonalbe. I can't give you titles but this information will keep you busy for days.
yay!!! been wanting to make something along these lines... and now, thanks to your steps, i'll be able to. thanks!
I have forwarded this to my sister in law. She loved it! I'm encouraging her to join Instructables.
This is too cute. My granddaughter is going to love this. Actually, I have been making pillowcase dresses for the little granddaughters. It will be nice to make one for my granddaughter in college. Thanks.
Thank you!
Awesome idea and possibilities!
Funny! I was actually thinking about suggesting that idea but at 50 those thoughts don't stay in my head very long.
No way your 50!
Well only for 3 more days. Sunday is my birthday.
This is a great idea! I have several old missmatched pillow cases to try! I only suggest top stitching the straps before sewing to shirt. It may be a bit easier! Thanks a lot for the 'ible!
Thanks, of course top stitch before - look again, see? I am just showing the straps lying on top of the shirt before I sew them to the inside. Great point though in case there was confusion.
i dunno. when i wear this in town people stare at me a lot.
That's because you aren't wearing pants.
Oh, hey! I saw you!
Maybe your shoes don't go...
o.k thanks, now i understand
P.S. I don't understand the star system. I clicked &quot;outstanding&quot; and it just showed 4.5 What's up with that&gt;??
4.5 is outstanding, 5 is best ever, Porcupinemama, I am thrilled you gave me a 4.5! No complaints here, I have only given a 5 to about 4 'ibles ever. Thank you!
but i gave you 5 not 4.5
The rating system is somehow &quot;weighted&quot; so that the ratings can't be easily manipulated by the voters. If one or two people vote 5 it doesn't necessarily mean that it's a good instructable.<br> A large amount of high votes will give a better than average result and a more accurate idea of the quality of the 'ible, a lot of low votes gives a less than average result.<br> This stops people voting high for their friends and low for people they don't like despite the quality of the posting.<br> Do a graphical search (above) for instructables rating system, and you should see some forum topics from people that know more about this than I do.<br>
It's really cute, great instructions too!
Wowzers! You look so cute Nizer. It sure doesn't look like a pillow case. It looks like it could have come from an up-scale boutique. Your instructions were so clear . You rock! 10/10
Very Cool!! reminds me of the tops popular in the 1980's great light summer top. Keep up the good work. D
Nice :D And next... &quot;Smartest Ever Pillowcase Shirt&quot; for those of us that can't pull off this look?
Looks good, great job.
Looks cool, good job Ninzerbean. Cman

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