Introduction: Cutie Mark Crusader Cape

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Become an official member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders with your own members cape!

Step 1: Materials


One sheet of loose paper

Gold tape (Duct tape)

Blue tape (Duct tape is preferred, but I used masking tape)

Clear tape (Scotch tape)

One toilet paper tube


Red cloth

Brass festeners

Step 2: Cutie Mark of the Beast

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The insignia will be split into two parts, the Shield and the Filly.

Step 3: The Shield

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Trace the CMC Shield and Filly onto the piece of paper.

Cut out the Shield from the paper.

Trace the Shield onto the cardboard, and cut it out.

Step 4: The Filly

Picture of The Filly

NEXT, cut out the Filly from the paper.

Cut the toilet paper tube in half.

Trace the Filly carefully onto the tube.

Using even more care, cut out the Filly.

Step 5: Colour

Picture of Colour

Place a piece or two of gold tape on the Filly, completely covering one side.

Carefully fold the tape, cutting when necessary until you have a gold Filly.

Tape the shield blue.

Use the clear tape to attach the Filly to the Shield.

Step 6: The Cape

Picture of The Cape

First, poke four holes in the insignia as shown.

Place the insignia on a corner of the cape.

Use brass fasteners to secure it.

Put the cape on, and add a last brass fastener as the button. You could sew a button on if you'd rather.

Step 7: Finnish

Picture of Finnish

Let your Brony show, and find who you are!

Sincerely yours,



inconceivable1 (author)2017-11-17

im very sad to admit this but i may, posibly, be a brony but mabey not to that extent. I may or may not have watched every single mylittlepony eposode on netfix so...

Whatever makes you happy. :)

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