In this instructable I'm going to be explaining how to cut out 1 inch thick acrylic pieces on the shopbot.  It sounds simple but there are some things that can be done to aid in the finishing process and make your life a lot easier.

Tools needed:

- ShopBot
- 1/2 in single flute bit
- A design
- CAD to CAM software (in this case, VCarve Pro 6.0)
- Chisel
- Mallet 

Step 1: Machine and File Prep

I took my design and laid it out in illustrator, and input a .dxf into VCarve.

So I cut these with an initial PROFILE, and the a FINISH cut.

Once your file is set up and ready for a cut file to be created now you have to set your bit and feeds and speeds for each cutting path.
you can always use a regular circular saw if you turn the blade to run backwards. I've done it for Polycarbonate when I worked glass in the past.
Really? flip the blade backwards... and it works?
I'm curious about the use of these acrylic slabs. What do you use them for?
It was a project for a client.
Very true. The edge is never as nice or consistent, and this is pretty much "set it and forget it". But you cant cut rounded rectangles on a table saw.

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