video Cutting A Glass Bottle In Half With String and Fire
In this video I will show how to Cut a glass bottle in half using String and Fire! Well actually it is more of Fracture but you get the point... This usually ends up with a pretty strait break line, and two half's...

String and a fuel source will be needed (will depend on how thick the string you use is...) as well as some cold water to dunk the bottle in.
Why would you wish to do this..? Well it's fun way to demonstrate thermal Shock for one...

But actually it can have a practical purpose also! The top half of the bottle (The Bottle Neck) makes for a perfect glass funnel for use with Chemicals like harsh acids that will eat through plastic an metal funnels with ease... As for the bottom half..?

Some hobbyist enjoy taking the bottom half and smoothing out the rim (Typically by melting) and making cheap a practical glasses out of them!! I however do not have the capabilities to do that today, but maybe I'll get the chance soon...

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great ! i've been collecting wine bottles to do some kind of project. i am glad i found this, cause I am starting to look like glass wine bottle hoarder!

TrollFaceTheMan (author)  spinninlilly1 year ago
Glad you found it of use, also thanks for commentating.

Nice way to break a glass bottle!

XD I agree :D