Cutting Board With Knife Holder





Introduction: Cutting Board With Knife Holder

I had some planed birch wood left over from another project and I thought I should do something with it. The result is a few cutting boards for my family and myself. To make them a little more exciting I made a knife holder as well.

Step 1: Decide Your Size and Shape

First cut the size that you want for the cutting board. Don't make it too large, the plank can distort when it dries. I round of the edges with a milling machine. It makes it look a bit more professional, but it's a personal taste, you might like it more squared.

Step 2: Integrated Knife Holder

So, to make it a little more interesting, I made a knife holder for a more delicate presentation on the dining table. I haven't seen this anywhere before.

First cut a track in the board, the depth depends on the thickness of your board and the type of wood that you use. Birch is pretty hard so I cut a track 2/3 of the planks thickness. For small knifes I had to make a wider track to prevent the knife from falling back by the weight of the handle. I used the milling machine for this.

Step 3: Final Polish

Now all thats left is the grinding to make a nice surface and to grease the board. I use paraffin oil. If you have any better suggestions than paraffin oil please let me know. It's always interesting with different options.

Good luck with your project!



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nice instructable. I wouldn't use paraffin because it's not healthy. Use a natural oil instead (olive, sunflower, anything). Put the oil in a shallow tray (baking tray) and let the board soak for a while. Then while it of.
To prevent distortion of the board you can use an uneven number of layers of wood and laminate them in a cross pattern. D3 wood glue should work.

My idea is to use these two cutting boards for bread and cheese. But I still think we have to be careful for germs growing in places where they shouldn't!

This is awesome! The only thing I may be concerned about is germs getting down in that little groove. Do you think that is an issue? I love this idea none the less!

I love this idea I will certainly have my husband make me one, he is always looking for the knife to cut his bread so now they will be together. Love it.