Cutting Foamboard Smoothly, and Easily.





Introduction: Cutting Foamboard Smoothly, and Easily.

Foam board is one of my favorite art supplies. I craft large 'reverse' sculptures with foam board. It can be frustrating and almost impossible to get curves to cut perfectly. After cutting out a 5 foot Christmas Angel, I was playing around with my craft tools and stumbled on a incredibly easy method to cut the Foam Board, almost perfectly!

1. Using a craft knife, cut around the pattern piercing only the top layer of paper. Always use a sharp blade!

2. Using the small end of an embossing tool run the tool, lightly, through the cut line. Go easy. If the Stryofoam pulls, at all, you are going too deep.

3. Using your craft knife, make a second cut down to the paper. Then, a third cut through the paper back.

I have tried all types of foam board cutting gadgets. This is the easiest and best method I have ever used. I will be using foam board even more in future projects.



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    could you stick an additional piece of paper to one side of the board and still cut it ok? I want to cut out letters with patterns on them.

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I think it is brilliant. The cuts are so smooth.

    Can you explain the purpose of using the embossing tool?

    it indents the cut so that there is less chance of going off the cut.

    Ah ok thanks

    I have very good luck cutting foamboard with a serrated kitchen bread knife. It leaves an edge as smooth as the factory edge on the board.


    I assume you break the paper with a razor first?

    I also assume you don't do small details with this method?

    Yes, I pierce the paper layer with an exacto knife. I use this method, because it CAN do the tiny details neatly. Use an embossing tool with the tiniest ball on the end.

    Thank you! I love foam board too but it can be really hard to cut cleanly. I am going to try this!