Cutting Steel With a Welder!


Introduction: Cutting Steel With a Welder!

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So you get a welder and some steel, you draw out a diagram of what you want to weld...... Now what? you realize that you don't have an oxy-acetylene torch nor a plasma cutter and can't cut solid steel with tin snips. But wait! If you buy some inexpensive 6011 rods you can cut through steel!

Step 1: WARNING!

This process uses high voltages and produces sparks, fumes and bright arc flash. It should never be attempted by anyone without proper safety equipment and ventilation. If you have an adjustable welding helmet turn it to 11-12.

Step 2: Cutting

Take a 6011 (or 6013) rod and set your welder on 125-135. Once you initiate the arc you will notice that none of the rod creates a weld. To cut the metal you will need to push the rod down into the steel and keep the tip of the rod flush with the other side. The arc should stay lit and cut a path as you move the stick. That's it!



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    I've entered this in a few contests so vote if you like it!

    Here in Ireland there is a company that produces peat from bogs. They have a reputation as being rough with equipment and this trick is a favourite with their fitters. Their motto is "burn your way in, weld your way out..."

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    If im not mistaken cant you buy rod designed for cutting? other than air-arc rod that is. Im sure they are expensive though.
    The beauty of using 6011 is its so cheep and available, any old or damaged rod will work.
    Oh yes i remember now the cutting rods are also somtimes referred "blow rods" slang term i think.
    Great instructable.
    Id forgotten about this technique

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    Cool! I had no idea you could buy special rods

    thanks for your comment!

    I have not done any stick welding so I don't know much about it. Is the reason that this setup cuts the steel instead of welding because of the current selection, the stick material, a combination of both, or some other reason?

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    a combination of the two; 6011 is a high penetration rod and usually you set it on 90 amps so the voltage makes it cut but you couldn't do this with 7018 or other rods

    This does work with 7018 if you know how to watch the puddle and know when to push it through

    right, many rod works fine only need to crank up current as per thickness.

    Hopefully more people enter, or you might just get all the prizes! :-)