Cutting Things Out of an Image Using Pixlr Editor's Lasso Tool

Picture of Cutting Things Out of an Image Using Pixlr Editor's Lasso Tool
At some point in your digital life, you're going to want to remove something from an image or photo. Whether you need to cut someone out and put them on a different background, or just cut out the background, you might consider doing it with Pixlr Editor. It's free and available from your browser. There are some advanced tools in the app, but if you're a beginner the details can be hard to understand. Hopefully, this Instructable will help you get it done. 

If your image is simple, you can just use the magic wand. If it has a complex background and you are hoping to cut out a particular element of the image, you'll want to use the Lasso tool. With this tool, you'll be tracing around the object you want to cut out manually. A great example of this type of use is cutting out a person completely from an image and pasting their likeness into an entirely different image. This is very doable, but it requires some skill and effort. You're going to need to take your time the first few times you tackle this process, but once you get the hang of it, it should become second nature.

Two lasso tool options

The *freehand* lasso tool can be used to draw around an area with your mouse. It can be difficult to do this with precision using a mouse. It's much easier to do if you're using a pen-and-tablet device (although of course most people do not use those). You may instead want to use the *polygonal* lasso tool. With the polygonal tool, click and click again and keep laying down straight lines, with Pixlr connecting your points along the way. In this way, you'll be able to have finer control over what you're cutting out. Your ultimate goal is to draw a point-by-point area that closes in on itself at the end — you end up where you started and have your area selected.
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morri_lane3 months ago

What do you do after you trace the image with the lasso tool? What do you click to get completely rid of the background? To where the picture is only what you traced?

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shazni1 year ago
Thanks! I've used the laso... But didn't know about the polygon option... Neither did I know most of your 'Tips'.. Will try it out for sure
dont forget to adjust the color;), checkout my site . I have a huge tutorial on this subject. nice ible by the way
supereric (author)  incognito02881 year ago
Great point. Definitely want to adjust the color if you're tossing one pic into another and want it to look better. Thanks!