As the Handibot community grows there is a need for quick tutorials and tips and tricks. This is my first instructable and should not be my last.

This instructable will be on how to use the new large area jig for the Handibot to cut things larger than 6"x8".

I will not be covering the installation of the new base plate as it is covered quite well at Handibot.com, if you have not installed your V3 base plate go there and under support you will find the documentation.

Last, before we get started, go watch this excellent video by Eric Schimelpfenig.

Now that you have a good overview we can get started with tips and tricks.

One thing I should point out from the video is at 1:50 or so he says the tiles will be set for 6x6, he was working off pre-production prototypes and now should read 6x8 in.

Step 1: Design Phase

Let us get going.

The first things you can do to make your life easier when you get cutting is in the design phase.

The first consideration from within Vcarve Pro is at the end of a tile the default place for the bot to park is 0,0 there is nothing wrong with this but we will make our life easier if we park it somewhere else. I find something around 3" for x and 3.5 for Y works well. The reason we want to do this is so we can see well for indexing the handibot.

In order to set this go to the tool paths tab on the right and at the top click "set" under the top item called 'material setup'.

The second consideration is the layout, the jig comes with enough spacers to do a full sheet of plywood but we want to avoid this if possible for accuracy sake.

It is better to arrange your parts so that they can be cut with as little chance for errors as possible. To do that arrange small parts so that they don't cross tiles they don't have to. You will get excellent results on the home row with the bot directly against the bar and this will diminish as more and more spacers are added.

If you are using someone elses file that was written with a full size machine in mind you can move the parts around to get the same results as if you had designed it yourself.

You can see what I mean from the screen shots, first a non optimized and then the optimized.

We don't really have a piece of plywood 96 inches long, we will cut the first 4 panels and then cut the plywood square with a table or other saw and start again.

<p>how much did you paid for that handibot and where did you bought it?</p>
Handibot.com, $2800, that is roughly 10% of a full size ShopBot. If you order one and the jig make sure that you email them first as you should be able to get the jig cheaper as a new machine will already have the 3rd generation base plate.
<p>Very useful stuff! Thanks for posting!</p>

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