Tired of cutting onions? It can take some time to slice them into small nice pieces.
Just watch the video in next step and you will learn an easier way to do it. No further instructions are needed. Ooh,one thing... use a sharp knife :-)

Yakety Sax is OK for 30 seconds, after that it gets a bit tiresome... L
this video makes me want to eat sausage!
you should just cut the onion in half first and then take off the whole outer layer in two pieces. way easier/faster than the way you peel it. good instructible though
that was the BIGGEST hotdog ive EVER seen awsome instructable i learned alot i usually take like 10 mins just cutting one onion cuz i like it fine :) my mom luv's to use this little "chopper" that we got and i hate it cuz she always makes me redue it because i choped it to small...enyway thanks :) pEaCe
I Like Benn Hill - I would have peeled the skin off the cucumber since it's bitter, but for illustrations sake a good show, Thx.
Video is no longer available
Video is up again.
add a sala recipe and cut away from yourself, always away.....like the Benny Hill music
Dude, you couldn't find a bigger sausage? Cool video.
CatMan is so right, this is wrong way to hold stuff, wrong way to cut onions. I cook every day (at home) and I can do an onion way faster/better than that. Apart from anything else he didn't wash the knife so he's now got cucumber salad smelling of onion and a sausage fiesta stinking of onion/cucumber. yuck!
Actually, the cucumber and onion was made for a sallad. The sausage became a dish that includes onion aswell. no "yuck" for me. I can agree that I was abit enthuastic just to make the movie rather than consentrating on holding the knife the right way. Beside that I was focused on how "you" can slice an onion instead of chopping it. Always be careful with knifes. I haven't cut myself so far. :-) Thx for the comment anyway. I'm thinking of doing a new video that satisfy both of you (and all other pros) ;-)
BEWARE- don't EVER hold the cucumber the way he does, the thumb is WAY too close to the knife. it also shows he is not a pro. if he were a pro, he would also know that the first onion cuts he made were not needed, since an onion has a natural sectioning within it. all you neet to do is cut in half, forget about the FIRST set of cuts, and go for the second and the final ones. as for the cucumber- i always cut it in half, lengthwise, lay the halfs face down on the cutting board, slice them thinly lengthwise, then dice. saves you those cuts he made with the knife TWARDS himself, very dangerous. also, his cuts can never be done quickly, since he cuts them twards himself, and the true professional cuts CAN be done very quick. try to learn those things from other videos, this one is wrong. and dangerous. sorry.
i like the part where you sliced the cucumber at hyper speed, take some of that hi-speed from your computer?
...sorry - I passed out when he started on the sausage. I'm going to have nightmares about that for weeks.º¿º
Lol, the sausage is the best part ;-)
Nicely done but watch the Food TV channel one day and you've seen that technique at least a dozen times.
I just went to your website and it's in a different language!
Yes my friend, the page is in Swedish atm. But my videos are none-language made. There might be an english version of the site in future but not right now (it takes so much time writing all tutorials, and to make them in 2 language... well) Cheers
i'm an idiot! i never thought of this!
Very Simple and yet not commonly known. Thanks
really, seems like basic kitchen knowledge to me. how do you slice your onions?
I thought everybody knew this? Anywho, cool video.
And knife.
You're most welcome! Cheers.
Very nicely done. It's simple, and clear to novice knifers. I can't tell you how many people I know who struggle to dice up an onion efficiently. Oh and the speed changes and Benny Hill music just put it over the top. It had me smiling the entire time.
Really well-done video Instructable! <br/><br/>Everyone <em>ought</em> to know how to do this.<br/>

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