Cutting Onions and Other Eatable Objects in an Easier Way...





Introduction: Cutting Onions and Other Eatable Objects in an Easier Way...

Tired of cutting onions? It can take some time to slice them into small nice pieces.
Just watch the video in next step and you will learn an easier way to do it. No further instructions are needed. Ooh,one thing... use a sharp knife :-)



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    Yakety Sax is OK for 30 seconds, after that it gets a bit tiresome... L

    this video makes me want to eat sausage!

    you should just cut the onion in half first and then take off the whole outer layer in two pieces. way easier/faster than the way you peel it. good instructible though

    that was the BIGGEST hotdog ive EVER seen awsome instructable i learned alot i usually take like 10 mins just cutting one onion cuz i like it fine :) my mom luv's to use this little "chopper" that we got and i hate it cuz she always makes me redue it because i choped it to small...enyway thanks :) pEaCe

    I Like Benn Hill - I would have peeled the skin off the cucumber since it's bitter, but for illustrations sake a good show, Thx.

    Video is no longer available

    add a sala recipe and cut away from yourself, always the Benny Hill music

    Dude, you couldn't find a bigger sausage? Cool video.

    CatMan is so right, this is wrong way to hold stuff, wrong way to cut onions. I cook every day (at home) and I can do an onion way faster/better than that. Apart from anything else he didn't wash the knife so he's now got cucumber salad smelling of onion and a sausage fiesta stinking of onion/cucumber. yuck!