Cutting safety, box knife, xacto, guides and tips

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 The object of this instructable is to, while creating or doing projects, is to think about safety while using tools.
I have singled out cutting , because I am currently slicing a lot of vinyl in projects and thought it would be an opportune time
to show some safety tips and and inexpensive cutter guides for blades, that can be made on the cheap . If you've price a cutter guide .you might be shocked at the cost. I was.
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Step 1:

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I'm a firm believer in the re-use/recycle of stuff. with a little thought scrap items and junk just laying around can be turned into useful
 Items I put together:
 1. mini-din rail- 50 cents from a scrap enclosure
 2. threshold for carpet- neighbors trash
 3. drawer/door handles- stripped from old cabinets over the years

Step 2:

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Mark hole location for mounting and drill holes

Step 3:

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There  are many way to fasten handle to guide,
bolt and nuts
pop rivets
I welded a handle to a 1 inch x 48 inch piece of angle iron to cut drywall

Step 4:

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Something to think about when cutting:
 Sharp cutters work better
 Hand protection is a must
 Cut away from your body/ or at least make sure body parts are  NOT in line of the cut
  Anticipate what might happen if blade slips
 Hold both guide and blade with a relaxed but firm grip.