Introduction: Cutting Sheet Metal on the Water Jet

Picture of Cutting Sheet Metal on the Water Jet

I made it at TechShop! Find them at

Step 1: Import Dxf File

Picture of Import Dxf File

Import your dxf file into Flopath

Step 2: Move Part and Select Cut Paths

Picture of Move Part and Select Cut Paths

Move your part where you want it to be on the cutting bed, select lines to cut, select speed.

Step 3: Duplicate for Multiple Parts

Picture of Duplicate for Multiple Parts

Duplicate this for more than 1 item to be cut from a sheet.

Step 4: Auto Path It

Picture of Auto Path It

Use auto path to create all the cutting and traverse paths

Step 5: Export

Picture of Export

Export path as... To create the ORD file for Flocut.

Step 6: Load File Into Flocut

Picture of Load File Into Flocut

Load file, select material.

Step 7: Position Material

Picture of Position Material

Square it up on the bed also

Step 8: Set Temporary 0,0

Picture of Set Temporary 0,0

Align head to corner of material and set 0,0

Step 9: Dry Run

Picture of Dry Run

Dry run no pump or water or abrasive.

Step 10: Set to Auto and Run

Picture of Set to Auto and Run

Set pump, water, and abrasive to auto and run!


89camaroguy (author)2015-02-12

I would advise to learn how to path the parts properly. I am a water jet operator and I have seen so many people crash the machine or break nozzles due to auto path. If you can, learn to manually path the parts. It will save a lot of stress.

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