Picture of Cutting slots in tubes
I had to cut slots in a tube with a router , which is a real good way of having your hand chewed to the elbow ... I needed a holder that would hold a tube parallel to the direction of movement , that wouldn't allow it to rotate or shoot off the table @ 100mph . So all it has to do is :

• hold a cylinder
• be non-slip
• protect your hands
• allow you to see  what’s happening
• be cheap
• be simple

Yeah that looks like a lot trouble ….But there is a vacuum form machine @ the TechShop , so I made it at the tech shop. All I needed was a form … I had some leftovers, some 2"x4"  , a piece of PVC pipe and a board from the trash … ok I added some screws and holes , lots of holes …….
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Step 1:

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I built this in an hour …..  for spacing I dropped a 2X4 piece between the tube and the back support so the tube (I used ¾”pvc ) will be parallel to the back … no measuring required. BTW just to stop the vacuum from drawing into the tube ( pow)  I stuck in some cutoff pieces and a silicon plug …..

Step 2:

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Off to the vacuum form machine ……

Ok I spent money here …. I got an oversized piece of PETG so the cutoffs can be used as stiffeners then some adhesive sandpaper.…

For those the TechShopies.. I used a little extra heat so the draw would be easy and leave the ribs if you don’t get ribs from your draw , drop in some of the extra plastic in between the back and tube … see pix

Step 3:

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