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画面上でBoxの幅、奥行き、高さ、R の掛かり具合などをシミュレートし、図面を生成することが出来きます。図面はsvgデータとして書き出されillustratorなどのドーイングツール上で編集する事が出来ます。通常のBox を作るための『NormalBox』と角にR がついたBox を作るための『RoundBox』があります。

ツールはそれぞれ以下からダウンロード出来ます。(※Mac OS 10.6 以降)


CuttingBoxTool is the design tool for making boxes by a laser cutter.
You can make the plan of box by operating some sliders.
The plan is exported as SVG data.
So, you can edit it on drawing applications such as Illustrator.
The tool has two versions, [NormalBox] and [RoundBox].

You can download them here. (※Mac OS 10.6 later)

You can see products made by using the CuttingBoxTool.

Step 1: Think What Box You Make

Picture of Think What Box You Make

e.g. Glasses

Step 2: Measure

Picture of Measure

Measure its size.

Step 3: Operate the CuttingBoxTool

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・widht = 幅
・depth = 奥行き
・height = 高さ
・Round = 角のR
・Material Thickness = 素材の厚さ
・Joints_1 = 一辺のジョイントの数①
・Joints_2 = 一辺のジョイントの数②
・Fit_Joint = ジョイント部を微妙に拡大する事で接着剤無しでBoxを組み立てられます。(機器によって適正値が違いますが,だいたい 0.2~0.4mmです)
・+Felt = 箱の内側に貼る用のフェルト(2mm)の図面も同時に出力します。
・+Decoration = 箱の外側に紙やツキ板を貼る用の図面も同時に出力します。
・ViewChange = ビューモードを切り替えます。(3D ⇆ 図面)

Operate sliders and simulate the box.

・Joints_1 = how many joints
・Joints_2 = how many joins
・Fit_Joint = expand joints subtly to assemble without an adhesive
・+Felt = export the plan of felt for inside
・+Decoration = export the plan of decoration for outside
・ViewChange = 3D view ⇆ Plan view

Step 4: Export Data

Picture of Export Data


Push [s] key and export data.

Step 5: Edit on Illustrator

Picture of Edit on Illustrator

(合体するオブジェクトを選択 → [ウィンドウ] → [パスファインダ] → [合体])

Edit on Illustrator.
You have to combine some grouped parts.
(select parts → [window] → [pathfinder] → [combine])

Step 6: Laser Cutting !!!

Picture of Laser Cutting !!!


Cut the data by a laser cutter.

Step 7: Assemble Them !!!

Picture of Assemble Them !!!


Assemble parts.
Done !!!

What do you make using the CuttingBoxTool ?


antpgomes (author)2013-12-11

Excellent work!

Any plans on making this open source? I'd love to give it a try in automating the pathfinder process

ykimpara (author)antpgomes2013-12-20

I have uploaded source codes(NormalBoxTool, RoundBoxTool, ofxSvg).

If you want to give it a try in automating the pathfinder process, I think you should edit ofxSvg.

ykimpara (author)antpgomes2013-12-12

Thank you!
I'm going to upload to GitHub soon.
I tell you if I upload the source code.

joel.pereira.2000 (author)2015-04-17

Awesome work...Do you have these programs for Windows?

Vadinhotpj (author)2014-07-25

Very nice, do you have this app for windows? thanks

joaoleite (author)Vadinhotpj2014-08-04

i need this for windows too.. :(

ykimpara (author)joaoleite2014-08-05

Hi.Sorry, I don't have.

I'll try to develop it. Please wait until then. ; )

joaoleite (author)ykimpara2014-08-05

You made that speech? Used a framework that can be migrated to Windows or Linux?

If I can help in any way ... let .. =) Hugs!

holidayv (author)2013-11-20

I think the author actually posted in two languages.

astral_mage (author)2013-11-19

umm better english translation needed!.....

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