Step 15: Final preparations

Picture of Final preparations
Last thing that needs doing before I can actually, you know, MAKE the thing, is the painting needs to be finished. In the first image below, you'll notice that I've gone and made a nifty little holder-upper-thingy for my angle brackets. I realized AFTER the fact that the outer edges were gonna be covered by the frame, and that the INNER edges were what needed to be painted. Mutter grumble grr.

The blue squares are also getting their paint in this step; you can make a few of 'em out to the left of the bracket-holder.

For those who were curious about how the frame would get painted, I included a picture of the apparatus I made for that too. (Stiff wire counts as an apparatus, right? ....Right?)

If you're concerned about the obvious excess of paint visible on the floor and pipe in the top picture, don't be - all spray painting has taken place in the coal chute room. Yes, my folks' house is old enough that it has a coal chute. And no insulation. >.>