Step 16: Final preparations, part 2 - Aerosol fumes are my frie- I CAN TASTE COLORS

Now all that's left to do is the clear-coating! For this step, I set up a mini-table in a separate room of the basement with a board and two sawhorses - I needed to be able to get all sides of the pieces with one spray, and not worry about missing undersides or what-not due to angles, and the low-to-the-ground boards I'd been using for the spray painting just wouldn't cut it. The reason I'm bothering with the clear coat at all is that I've noticed that the blue paint is prone to chipping. The silver paint might be too, but at least with the silver, it's still silver underneath. Much harder to see.

In any case, for those of you who intend to make your own sets, if you use the clear coat, please don't do what I did and do it in the basement. You want a WELL VENTILATED AREA. Trust me on this.

After viewing the photos, it's kinda hard to see that the pieces have been clearcoated - trust me though, the difference is MUCH more visible in person.
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