Step 18: Final result

Picture of Final result
Last thing we did was grab some stick-on felt and put that on the bottoms of the pieces so that they can't scratch the plexiglass all to hell. That'd suck.

Here's the end result before the pieces got felted - thanks for tagging along!
Sevion6 years ago
Wow, your girlfriend is a pretty lucky woman. :P
This thing is amazing ;D
cosgrove7 years ago
Great Instructable, Had me laughing. I'd make my own, but I'd porbably end up forgetting a certain vital part.. 5/5
Like the King?
maclakey7 years ago
Really very nice! I throughly enjoyed the beer I was drinking, oh, and of course, the well thought out and very humorous dialog throughout your instructable. I look forward to building my own!
cybergeek (author)  maclakey7 years ago
Glad to hear it - send me a link to some pics when it's done! :-D