Introduction: Cyberlaboratory

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This instructy is served as both my personal web page and blog, please visit here for the protocol of this instructy.   Space InnovatoryResearchOthers Protocols Recipes Tools The Hong Kong Polytechnic University References Contact     Credits            

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Step 1: News

Last updated: 2013-JAN-5, 20:03 (GMT+8)

1) the linkage looping problem finally solved by using a linkage (i.e. not
2) still researching for a better source code for the web in order to minimize the viewing problems and other design errors
3) This page will keep updating my status as it has now been served as my personal space but open to public (Welcome back! MSN space!)

For a better browsing experience, this "News" step is used to:
a) prevent the linkage looping problem
b) served as the title page for this instructy
c) served as the news announcement area

Step 2: My Tools and Gadgets - Research

  Bioinformatics Databases     Macromolecular Structure Database   EMBL-EBI Human Organized Whole Genome Database   Advanced Life
science Information Systems FlyBase   Drosophilla Genome Database Influenza Database   GISAID Influenza Research Database   NIAID Amino Acid Structures   Biological Magnetic Resonance Data Bank Information Hyperlinked over Proteins   iHOP Chemical Database   University of Akron Biological and Medical Research References     Experiment Animal Catalogue   CRIVER The Mouse Brain Library   The Mouse Brain Library Brainmap   Online Brain Atlas (variety of species
available) FlyMove   Drosophilla development introduction DSM-IV-TR   BehaveNet Clinical Capsule         Research Gadgets     BLAST (NCBI)   Basic Local Alignment Search Tool ClustalW (EBI)   Multiple sequence alignment for
DNA/Proteins Spidey (NCBI)   Nucleotide sequence comparison with
protein translation JPRED (University of Dundee)   Protein secondary structure prediction Transeq (EBI)   Nucleotide translation Codon code 2 AA   Triplet base codes to amino acid
translations RestrictionMapper   For Restriction Enzymes mapping FASTA Nucleotide Database Query (EBI)   Search for FASTA sequences Statistics Gadgets     Mann-Whitney U Test   by Leon Avery Design Gadgets     Color Combination Estimation   Super Color Chart Chromas   Electropherogram Viewer                      

Step 3: My Tools and Gadgets - Others

  Tutorials     HTML.NET   Online HTML Tutorial C++ Tutorial MSN Space Tutorial   MSN Space (Chinese) MSN Space Tutorial 2   By Wesley                                 Linguistics Dictionaries     �/span>   �t; CiBa Online   Chinese-English Dict CN   Chinese-English Giga Media (Taiwan)   Chinese-English Goo�gt;   Japanese LEO Deutsch-Englisches Woerterbuch   German Dizionario Italiano-Inglese   Italian Rustran   Russian Technical Dictionaries     Biology Dictionary Medical Dictionary                      

Step 4: Disclaimers and Credits

    Hello World!
This site is still under construction...
This is a demo for      
This is the background image for this cell only

    Copyright 2013                       

Step 5: Resources: Images

Step 6: Protocols and Source Codes

The construction of this web page is simple and easy as long as you know how to read/write source codes of the HTML.

For details regarding the setup of this web page, please refer to the following video:

For details regarding the source codes, please refer to the following video:

Source codes reference(s):

HTML reference(s):



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    Apart from the apparent issues, but what is your idea for this instructable anyway? In the introduction it sounds like you want to use this instructable as your personal website and blog, which I would find odd...

    3 replies

    This idea starts when I was reminiscing my MSN space (RIP, amen) in the past. I used my space as a blog and as my personal web site. I develop my MSN space by playing the source codes around like what I am doing at the moment.

    This instructy will be a preliminary/pilot project for my further play on the source codes.

    Instructables are for showing what you've made, not for blogging. You should use your orange board for blogging type activities.

    The original aim of this instructy is to show that how easy you can create a web page with simple source codes, so I put it in the "instructy main section" rather than the Orange board. But later, I think that to build just a simple HTML page without any proper function (e.g. only some simple meaningless pictures) will be a waste of space (and time). As a result, I endowed the page with some functions in a style like my MSN space which serves as my personal web page and blog despite the "blog" function in here is just a sinecure. In other words, the so called blog is not a blog but a collection of my useful web links. Anyway, I thank you for your valuable suggestions. :)

    I don't get it - where's the Instructable?

    I think you broke something as well - when I look at this on my iPod, it "loops", with the whole page, banner and everything, starting again after step 1.

    When I looked at it on an Android tablet, the page jumped all the way to the bottom and stayed there, jumping back when eradicating I tried to scroll back up (although restarting the tablet seemed to fix that).

    1 reply

    Thank you very much for your comments! I apologize for any inconveniences that may have been caused. As I am still debugging the idea (the source codes and programming often like that), I am working very hard on this issue.

    For now, please give me 3 hours debugging period.