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 A simple calculator cover with an old graphics card mounted to it. The corner was cut  out for an IC chip (I was originally going to use a "Creative" audio IC, but I couldn't find one).


Maxaxle (author)2010-12-28

Appears to be a random circuit board glued to a calculator. Not really cyberpunk IMO.

niccohel (author)2010-04-20

maybe a resin coating to keep parts on, as well as preventing snags?

Treknology (author)2010-04-05

I like it, but I would suggest removing the pins from the option connector, near the "CE" chip--I can see clothing getting caught on it all the time.

mossimo3 (author)Treknology2010-04-05

 Surprising I have had nothing catch on the pins, however I have removed them for safety reasons. They helped stabilize the cover when it was in use, however all the little capacitors fell off so it wasn't needed anymore.

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