Picture of Cyberpunk Clock
Take an old yard sale-bound clock (or, in my case, an alarm clock I abused one too many times) and make it look...neat. It's also a good way to learn about digital electronics, and it gives people the impression you understand complex digital logic (when really all you have to do for this project is unscrew and glue things).
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Step 1: Find stuff

Picture of Find stuff
Gather together your junk.

- You'll definitely want a clock of some sort to start with. Building a digital clock from scratch is a bit complicated for this instructable. I used a standard, 4-button alarm clock. The red LED displays look the coolest. Liquid-crystal just doesn't cut it for me.

- Find some other junk to embellish your clock, such as springs, cogs/gears, potentiometers, resistors, capacitors, transformers, LEDs, brass pipes, etc.

- Additionally, you may want to add extra functionality (or change the way it functions). Get some switches and buttons that work. I re-routed the wires for my "alarm-on" switch to a really nifty lever.

Step 2: Dissasemble

Picture of Dissasemble
Take apart your clock. The screws are usually on the bottom. Some of them may be hidden underneath the rubber "feet," or behind the battery case. If you can't get the thing apart, just break it open. This thing is going to look crazy anyways.

Rip open any other circuit-things you'll be using. I took a keyboard apart at this point. I used the clear plastic contact-layer (circuit board-looking thing) and used it to make my mounting plate look cooler. I also used the integrated-circuit board from the keyboard to make the clock look a bit more complex.

I mounted everything on the metal I found inside my keyboard, and some spare Plexiglas I had. I used tin-snips to cut up the metal. I can't offer any advice on cutting Plexiglas, though. Man, that was a nightmare....
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Fenwick4 years ago
This instructable makes me really want to disassemble a clock and put it on some fake sticks of dynamite, or make it look like the C4 from Counter-Strike.
I am literally going to do that tomorrow.
chrizw1234 years ago
Would look veeery suspicious in an airport... Nuff said

adam 1015 years ago
whats the 9 volt battery for?
Good question. In my opinion, it looks cool. Or, it could be part of a super-secret prototype nuclear fusion reactor that powers his house (hidden as a clock) Eather way, Wallice the Sane, it is something I want to try. Mabe I out to sacrifice those 5 alarm clocks to make a 5-clock display or something like this....
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That makes sence with keeping time, but I've always been sort of a skeptic towards stuff like nuclear power (however, it would be cool to have that thing as a nuclear power plant hidden as a clock;)
How can you be skeptic of nuclear power? Its already invented and working fine as a power source.
You would be suprized. I'm a skaptic of almost anything that doesn't run on gasoline, and needs a HAZ-MAT suit just to be close to it.....
J-Five4 years ago
IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!
aleksei4 years ago
If the transformer steps down the voltage to 9VDC, can't you just use a battery?
 random components=lol
strap one of these to ur chest, and make it count down..... then go to the airport....
(removed by author or community request)
(removed by author or community request)
red-king shveet6 years ago
i would pay someone to do that just for the laugh... lol
(removed by author or community request)
The Thread is officially dead. You sir, win.
ReCreate Gjdj36 years ago
ah im gonna bring it back to life and im gonna call it Frankenstein !
fwjs28 ReCreate6 years ago
*ZAAPppppp* i shocked him back to life.....*suddenly instructables HQ power goes out.....*
ReCreate fwjs286 years ago
I go and get the Click remote and make everything go back in time by 1 hour Next i zap the thread back to life with lightning We still have power,thanks to RECREATE!
fwjs28 ReCreate6 years ago
...yesss....Disaster avoded...i think?
ReCreate fwjs286 years ago
Yes if the power was out for longer than 25.069 seconds all of the robots would die,but they survived thanks to their capacitors!
fwjs28 ReCreate6 years ago
and thanks in part to their battery being recharged 37 hours ago, which provided an extra 3.0875 seconds!
ReCreate fwjs286 years ago
Ha Yeah All thanks to me
fwjs28 ReCreate6 years ago
Why thank you kind sir. !
ReCreate fwjs286 years ago
Good give me 5 bucks
fwjs28 ReCreate6 years ago
*hands over forfited bill* Heres you go!
ReCreate fwjs286 years ago
NO,5 dollars american
fwjs28 ReCreate6 years ago
me sorriez, i iz no American... :(
fwjs28 fwjs286 years ago
I iz a lama!
ReCreate fwjs286 years ago
me no speaks dat
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