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Ok, well here is my latest project, a new handgun, with this one i tried to take on all the advice from my previous handguns The first one,the second one.

However, two set backs occured, firstly, i lost the first half of the 'making of' pictures, which means i'm having to make a slideshow instead of a full ible. Secondly, after a while, i realised that i still liked the first one more than this one, and thus it remained unfinished for a few weeks.

It has an opening section to get to the 'gravity modifier' It fires a thin metal projectile, which is powered through 'crystal decomposition'. Its main bulk is gmjboard, one of my token hinges, a few other bits, and there is also a lazer!

I finished the final thing, and gave it to my sister, because at the end of the day, when the zombie uprising takes afoot, i want a keen gunner at my side.


itsjustdoc (author)2011-09-30


sypher (author)2008-11-30

I might yet one day get my Apocalypse pistol finished, it is getting there, here is a preview...

switchpaw (author)sypher2011-03-10

Syph, You should think about making this into an smg, It looks like their should be some kind of stock comming of the back all ready.

blackstampede (author)sypher2011-01-18

That;s cool i am gonna make my own sci-fi gun shotgun/uzi/pistol all put together.

Millawi Legend (author)sypher2010-10-29

Hmmm, Can I use this shape?

gmjhowe (author)sypher2008-12-01

nice, whats it made from? looks appleseedish.. are we going to see it as a slideshow/instructable upon completion?

sypher (author)gmjhowe2008-12-01

I am prolly going to redo a few features then finish it, I am also going with a standard instructable. Appleseed? sorta, it does have that manga feel, the way it opens and loads is pretty cool, i was more inspired by the FNH p-90. I think I am going to stay with more of a cyberpunk look over steam punk.

gmjhowe (author)sypher2008-12-01

Yeah. im more for the cyberpunk nowadays, whats it made from then? you talk about it opening etc? Im currently working on a shotgun! should be good, im in the 'stick on bits of crap' stage

gmjhowe (author)gmjhowe2008-12-01

well, i bothered to look at the full size one, and i can see the hinges, be sure to get a video put up!
[ heres the appleseed gun i was thinking of.]

sypher (author)gmjhowe2008-12-01

ya, that apple seed gun is dope, here is the opened version of my gun. It is made of a substance called plasteel, then a series of random parts like the hinges. I now have access to tools that I did have earlier, like a whole machine shop, so I am going to go in there and make a few revisions. I you ever come in the direction of Seattle let me know I would like to meet you, being brothers in making cool stuff and all.

Arty Marty (author)sypher2009-02-19

Wow, you guys inspire me to make some prop weapons...
I have only made one gun and its a bit lame...

I LOVE the way yours opens and closes.

I will have to make something a little more interactive like that when finished my time machine... And you need a few guns if you are going to go and time travel...

@gmjhowe I used your idea of a door hinge on my time machine to make it open and close... I bought the hinge to make a gun as soon as I saw your first instructable so thanks for that inspiration too!

gmjhowe (author)Arty Marty2009-03-15

Wow, that time machine is pretty Epic! We gonna see it on here at all?

Arty Marty (author)gmjhowe2009-04-24

I might make an 'ible about it, but never done one before - so lets start with something nearly impossible hey!

gmjhowe (author)Arty Marty2009-04-24

Yeah, you should deffo make an i'ble on it. Let me know as soon as its written up and publish..

gmjhowe (author)sypher2008-12-02

well, i am uk based, i doubt i would ever be, strolling past! haha! Thats looking good. Youve done a very good job, i like the blue, but a few suggestions. Firstly, the handle, get yourself some nice leather, or a nice canvas material, or some webbing(thing sword handle) instead of insulating tape(?). Also, drill some small holes on some of the bigger bits, and put in decorative screws, ive found tiny little ones out old electronics work best!

sypher (author)gmjhowe2008-12-02

like i said not finished, I have alot of little do-dads that I going to put on it. the flare will come after I redo do some stuff, like I am putting a camera flash on it so it flashes when I fire it. stuff like that. the handle? I have a peice of burl I am going to use, it is the same stuff that they put on fine hand guns.

hyratel (author)2011-02-10

+1 for genius re-use of a motor stator as a key visual element

rubix010 (author)2009-08-22

its so awesome, its great.

gmjhowe (author)rubix0102009-08-22

Thanks! This one i was not sure about when i completed, i finished it off mainly to give to my sister. I must say, I do like it alot, and it does suit her perfectly!

imagigadgets (author)2009-03-14

Are you going to make an instructable? it is realy cool and i wanna make one!

gmjhowe (author)imagigadgets2009-03-15

I was going to make an ible, but lost half my picture, which is why i made it into a slideshow.

Owenmon (author)2008-12-13

does this really work? and not like 20 ft range like .... like ... (ya know XD)

gmjhowe (author)Owenmon2008-12-14

Can you please read the ible before commenting!

Owenmon (author)gmjhowe2008-12-14

i did..... OH O.O whoops sorry XD

becomingthebeast (author)2008-12-07

Sweet Gun :D. Congratulations.

gmjhowe (author)becomingthebeast2008-12-07


Mepain (author)2008-11-27

I think I'll be making something like this. Looks fun.

daywalker42 (author)2008-11-21

The Jacob came across bits of awesome-ness and thought the gmj might want to knows about it!!!!!! I am home from college for thanksgiving and I was flipping through a catalogue by a company called Lee valley & Veritas, and saw some hinges that were amazing awesome for this kind of thing.:) just go to their website and look around if you like. meanwhile I will begin my hunt for the elusive creature, dense card, anew! Do I get a pat on the head for this? :)

daywalker42 (author)daywalker422008-11-21

also, I looked at the site a bit and the one that intrigues me most is kinda hard to find, so just search for brusso lid support on the site :) hope I helped in some volume

gmjhowe (author)daywalker422008-11-21

yes, thats a very nice hinge that i would love to get my hands on!

ItsTheHobbs (author)2008-11-03

This one looks pretty cool, but I definitely liked the 1st one the best.

gmjhowe (author)ItsTheHobbs2008-11-03

Im glad you agree! im in the process of remodeling that one as we speak.

ItsTheHobbs (author)gmjhowe2008-11-04

Ohh.. can't wait to see

Me too! i still can't decide if i like the 1st or this one better... but either way i'm building one and its gonna be AWESOME!

haha! i didnt realise the orginal had such a fanbase. Maybe you guys can help me, Im thinking of ridding the led circuit, replacing the front bay(where the capsule is) with something a bite more technical. Im going to releather the bottom half of the handle, and insert a sunglobe into the side, with wood veneer paneling. Then finally im going to re-sand and paint some of the front section.

I don't remember where I saw this, but there was another futuristic handgun on instructables. It had like 8 leds all lined up in a row, and when you pulled the trigger they lit up from back to front. When I saw your gun I immediately thought of that. also i don't know if we're thinking the same sci-fi, but when I think Sci-fi and futuristic i think Chrome. And it all looks fine to me but i would paint the handle chrome.

The handle chrome? im not sure about that, im going with a nice dark leather so it should fit in better. You can buy leds kits like that off ebay *goes to ebay*

yeah, now that I think about it leather is better. btw when do you think this one will come out? (I've decided that i like this one better.)

Erm, well, im a busy guy, and ive got a cyberpunk costume im working on. So i intend to get that published first. Also, as its remodelling an existing project im not sure how i would publish it. But expect to see it within the next week or two.

blueninja33 (author)gmjhowe2008-11-10

Are you totally re-doing the first one? Or are you keeping the original and making a version 1.5? I hope you keep the original, there was just something about it that was so lovable in it's complexity/simplicity harmony.

sypher (author)2008-11-08

tasty as always. when the civilized world ends I will but your weapons, to survive in the future dystopia

I am going to intra-spam here, but I want your input

NeoChaosForte (author)2008-11-04

Yet another cool weapon you've made. I got inspired by one of your other -ibles to make a gun of my own (your Mercury Bow). It's turning out pretty nicely, but it's got quite a bit of work left on it. Which reminds me, where do you get all that card that you use for these? I've found some suitable pieces of card/foam/etc. board but I haven't really come across anything that looks like what you use.

gmjhowe (author)NeoChaosForte2008-11-04

haha, my most commonly asked questions, i work in a print works, and the card is used to protect the top of pallets of paper. Be sure to show me some making off/finished pictures of the rifle!

NeoChaosForte (author)gmjhowe2008-11-05

Sure thing. Although, I actually meant that your Mercury Bow inspired me to make something, not that I'm actually making a rifle. I'm actually making a smallish handgun, though I probably will end up making a rifle sometime eventually. Just need to get my hands on a bit of Bondo so I can shape up a few things enough that I can proceed o
post commentnto the painting of it.

KentsOkay (author)2008-11-02

Looks awesome! Diggin' the light up effects. Suggestion: Have a little more bulk towards the back, or extending back over the hand, provides better balance and more accurate shooting.

gmjhowe (author)KentsOkay2008-11-02

True, but the gravity modifier essentially eliminates all kick back, aswell as holding the gun in a more stable position for firing.

KentsOkay (author)gmjhowe2008-11-02

Ahh! I thought it provided some rudimentary shielding for the user....

gmjhowe (author)KentsOkay2008-11-02

nah, any user with a gun this good, wont need no sheilding!

KentsOkay (author)gmjhowe2008-11-02

Hey if I had shielding I wouldn't be stuck in this dump of a time...

atombomb1945 (author)KentsOkay2008-11-03

I have seen your ship, and it is a wonder that you even made it to any point in time.

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