Cyberpunk Futuresque Sci-Fi Hand Gun - Version the 3rd





Introduction: Cyberpunk Futuresque Sci-Fi Hand Gun - Version the 3rd

Ok, well here is my latest project, a new handgun, with this one i tried to take on all the advice from my previous handguns The first one,the second one.

However, two set backs occured, firstly, i lost the first half of the 'making of' pictures, which means i'm having to make a slideshow instead of a full ible. Secondly, after a while, i realised that i still liked the first one more than this one, and thus it remained unfinished for a few weeks.

It has an opening section to get to the 'gravity modifier' It fires a thin metal projectile, which is powered through 'crystal decomposition'. Its main bulk is gmjboard, one of my token hinges, a few other bits, and there is also a lazer!

I finished the final thing, and gave it to my sister, because at the end of the day, when the zombie uprising takes afoot, i want a keen gunner at my side.



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    I might yet one day get my Apocalypse pistol finished, it is getting there, here is a preview...


    Syph, You should think about making this into an smg, It looks like their should be some kind of stock comming of the back all ready.

    That;s cool i am gonna make my own sci-fi gun shotgun/uzi/pistol all put together.

    nice, whats it made from? looks appleseedish.. are we going to see it as a slideshow/instructable upon completion?

    I am prolly going to redo a few features then finish it, I am also going with a standard instructable. Appleseed? sorta, it does have that manga feel, the way it opens and loads is pretty cool, i was more inspired by the FNH p-90. I think I am going to stay with more of a cyberpunk look over steam punk.

    Yeah. im more for the cyberpunk nowadays, whats it made from then? you talk about it opening etc? Im currently working on a shotgun! should be good, im in the 'stick on bits of crap' stage

    well, i bothered to look at the full size one, and i can see the hinges, be sure to get a video put up!
    [ heres the appleseed gun i was thinking of.]

    ya, that apple seed gun is dope, here is the opened version of my gun. It is made of a substance called plasteel, then a series of random parts like the hinges. I now have access to tools that I did have earlier, like a whole machine shop, so I am going to go in there and make a few revisions. I you ever come in the direction of Seattle let me know I would like to meet you, being brothers in making cool stuff and all.