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Introduction: Cyberpunk Cellphone Watch

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!!!!!UPDATE: new faceplate and coverings, much more stylin'!!!!!!!!!

I modified a Tracfone Motorola W175 into a wrist wearable cell phone! Phone is still fully functional and now has a refreshing cyberpunk look. If this slideshow gets enough attention I will post up an Instructable since the phone only cost $9.99.
Sincerely Myspark400

ps feel free to pm me with any questions!



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    you know, if you took out more plastic, and found a thinner/smaller battery, you could probably make it even smaller!

    I've got an old LG phone that isn't connected anymore (used to be my mom's) and she doesn't care what I do with it, so I'm gonna try something like this.

    this is very nice, you should post this instructable

    I like the slide show and all but can you tell us how you made it?

    i probably wont do this, my w375 net10 phone costs too much to try this, but i would love to see and instructable

    Cool idea. Admittedly, I started writing a response explaining why this is not a steampunk item, too used to people trying to call stuff steampunk when it isn't. Cyberpunk is spot on, nice job.

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    Cool! Cyberpunk definitely dude. I like your design, however, if I am looking at the pictures correctly, there seems to be no way to press the buttons? Because by the looks of it, you seem to have pulled off the rubber-button skin? or am I misinterpreting the pictures? lol Great slideshow. Waiting for the 'ible though... pretty please??? :) Peace

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    Actually the pictures are deceptive. The cover i removed was just for looking pretty and the body of the phone has actual buttons built in. So in short they do work and the only difference without the cover (basically a sticker) is that the leds are really bright. 'Ible to come eventually btw when i have more time. cheers, Mspark400

    So are you using a bluetooth headset or do you just put it on speaker and yell at your wrist?

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    unfortunately such a cheap phone has no Bluetooth. I can use a wired headset or the spekerphone(which is not bad). Cheers, Mspark400

    You need to find a better way to attach the phone to the wristband than tape. It just won't hold up.