Step 7: Paint job

Picture of Paint job
Picture 1 - Mask off all sections you dont want painting - this being the wooden handle, and the radioactive core

Picture 2 - A layer of black spray paint, again as always, lots of thin layers, DONT CAKE IT ON

Picture 3 - I then painted the whole section with the silver leaf paint

Picture 4 - I then distressed the silver by dry brushing a layer of black acrylic paint onto the gun.
paint it black and dry brush the silver, if you put a small piece of wooden the part that folds down it would look more like a real weapon and less like a saw.
Arianovan6 years ago
Maybe instead of painting over with black paint you could, lightly sand off the silver leaf. If you went too deep you could just paint it black again. I don't know how well that would work. but its an idea.