Cybird Gun (the Bird Shoots)





Introduction: Cybird Gun (the Bird Shoots)

About: cousins w/ blackrod

Hi this is my new gun\bird
the birdie shoots 20 feet.

Sry for no part instructions i will soon add them.

Step 1: Head of Bird Gun

you will need the pannels and 2 light grey connectors.

Step 2: Wings

1.make wings
2.attach wings

Step 3: Barrel

maker it please

Step 4: Fire Pin

This is easy

Step 5: Inspiration

While i was sitting uin my livingroom ,i came across an idea while making a new hopper gun. it then hi me! i decided to make a knex bird! then i thought why not let it shooot! so i made this bird.



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    trick your freinds to thinking u dont have a wepon and then BOOM! a knex bullet in there face lol

    Well, two things: First: What does it do? Does it fly? Second: If you don't want to be copied, why share it here? Looks neat though.

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    oh i didnt mean not make it. just dont go making another bird lol.(thats the same)