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Introduction: Cycle Phone Charger

When I ride a bicycle,the battery of my phone often gets used up

and then I can't do any work on my cell phone or call anyone.

So I thought of making a cycle phone charger.

This is a charger which takes energy form your bicycle

and converts it into electrical energy which is then used to charge phone.

So now lets begin..

Step 1: Materials Required

    For making 5V regulator

    • A 10uf capacitor
    • A 1uf capacitor
    • 1 L7805
    • PC board
    • Wires
    • A soldering iron(for soldering wires)

    For making generator we need-

    • A gear box with motor in it as shown in the image, you can get this from 'LED Full Color 360 degree Rotating Crystal Lamp' as shown/Dynamo such that it gives at least +9V when its shaft is turned even slowly.
    • A rubber wheel

    • M-seal

    • A strong cello tape

    • And an USB port

    Step 2: Fixing Rubber Wheel to Gear Box

    Take M-seal, gear box and rubber wheel.

    Mix the M-seal.

    Step 3:

    Fit it in the middle of the rubber wheel.

    Pierce the rod in the M-seal and leave it for 3-4 hours. So,that it could get solid.

    Step 4: Fixing of Gear Box

    Cut a piece of cello tape and

    fix the gearbox in your bicycle with help of cello tape such that

    the rubber wheel touches the rim of the bicycle so it can be turned.

    Step 5: Making 5v Regulator

    Connect the L7805 and capacitors in PC board

    according to the circuit given. A voltage between

    7v to 15v 1A current can be given as the input.

    You can also see steps to make a 5V regulator on Instructables.

    Step 6:

    Connect the regulator to gear box as shown.


    Step 7:

    Connect the positive wire of the USB port to +5V output

    and connect the negative wire of the USB to the negative wire of regulator.

    Step 8:

    Now fix the whole system to your bicycle and now it is ready for use.

    Step 9:

    Just connect to your mobile and rotate the pedal.



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    Where can I buy an external USB port? I've looked in several places and can't seem to find one.

    Hello pragyaS1, it's good to inform you that you can find usb female port in an old phone charger.

    Can i set this arrangemnt on my bike

    Thanks for the post Rajat!
    btw, i have an old cycle dynamo that was in use for lighting the headlight.what modifications i must make to turn it into a phone charger?

    Does it matter what voltage capacitor I get? If so, could you possibly send me a link or website from where I can get one, please?

    No it doesn't really matter.

    Yeah, it can use some refinement, but technically it's good stuff. When I was a kid I had a dynamo that lit a headlamp using the exact same arrangement/technology... I get a little tired of 3d printed solutions. I don't have access to a 3d printer...keep up the good work!

    Thank you paul dito for appreciation.

    Rajat it gives output 5v but these days many chargers give output 5.1v so that your device quickly charges...
    so it will charge the device slowly...