To keep the cycle paths clear....volunteers use one of these.
Where are the Instructions part of this instructable?
They're <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Hammer-Time-Bike-Trailer/">over here</a>, on the awesome Featured Instructable from a completely different user. :-/
Hello, sorry, it's probably not clear enough.<br><br>The bike trailer is a salt/grit spreader.....like the hand pushed ones you can get<br>but adapted to towing from a bike...this way bike commuters can volunteer to<br>pull it (from pre-arranged points) to help other cyclists by keeping the paths<br>clear of snow and ice.<br><br>Rgds,<br><br>Roy
One of the goals of this site is to show <b>how</b> something is done, not only the finished product. Maybe you could write a full Instructable showing how you made the tow bar and attachment system, so the volunteers don't have to modify their bikes?

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